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11 inspiring initiatives that arise at High Tech Campus Eindhoven in corona times

May 6, 2020 12:59:26 PM. By: Ingelou Stol

The coronavirus has turned the life of the whole society upside down. And the impact is enormous, both economically, socially and sportively. We are so proud to see High Tech Campus residents taking this opportunity to create, cooperate and help. In this blog we would like to share 11 inspiring initiatives with you. 

1. Collaborating in making face masks
In March, Eddy Allefs (CTO of HighTechXL and Innovation consultant at NTS Group), reached out to his LinkedIn followers to join forces in producing face masks. 'I consider it as an obligation for Dutch companies and individuals in the hightech ecosystem around Eindhoven to team up, and take care of setting up a supply chain for face masks in the Netherlands within a few weeks from today. I am searching for invididuals and companies to get this supply chain realized.' 


The initiative Dutch Corona Mask was born. 'We're not making the face masks ourselves. Our contribution is to make connections between parties, companies and individuals who do not know each other. At a certain point, large companies such as ASML and DSM came to help with their knowlegde, and that led to the fact that Auping and Afpro in the Netherlands were going to make FFP2 face masks for healthcare.' 

2. Philips launches national portal for digital exchange of COVID-19 patient data 
In close collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Erasmus Medical Center, Philips is making a COVID-19 portal available that allows Dutch hospitals to share patient information when patients are moved to another hospital due to COVID-19. Via the portal, radiological images, reports, documents (e.g. the discharge letter) and other relevant information about a patient can be made available to the receiving hospital. This can support the distribution of COVID-19 patients across the Netherlands.

Philips also donated 3200 baby monitors for hospitals to communication with corona patients, supplied medical equiment for 30 IC beds in the Caribbean and they also help to fill the shortage of medical face masks in the Netherlands.

3. Volunteering by Samen voor Eindhoven
Samen voor Eindhoven connects companies on a daily basis with social organizations and charities. Due to the corona measures, things are no longer as usual now. 'So we have to be creative in our volunteering work', says Esther Hofstede of the initiative. 'The last few weeks wonderful initiatives are emerging: we donated roses for the elderly, send cards to people who are lonely, facilitated family visits at height (by using an aerial work platform) and singer Lenny Kuhr gave a concert in front of a nursing home.' 

Volunteers of Philips also joined Samen for Eindhoven in helping elderly with daily chores.

4. Emergency fund for innovative startups in the Brainport region
Partners in the Brainport Eindhoven region and the Province of Noord-Brabant will provide a bridging loan of € 15,000 to € 30,000 for smaller, innovative startups. In order to protect the innovative power in the Brainport region, Incubator 3+, TU / e, Rabobank Region Eindhoven, Province of North Brabant, Bright Move, Municipality of Eindhoven, Brabant Startup Fund, ASML, Brainport Development and Philips have joined forces to create healthy startups to provide support for three months so that they can come to a structural solution to the financing question. Read more.

5. Funding for smart mask of startup AirBliss+
HighTechXL alumnus AirBliss+ has been selected for the Techleap.nl #covid19 program. Never before has their product been more relevant or timely. The smart mask of the startup is designed for prolonged hours and daily use. Its enhanced comfort will enable mass adoption especially for people who are in contact with others for a long period.

The BreatheEase fan system does the “heavy lifting” for the wearer and gets air through the filter while creating a cooler feeling; a unique soft and airtight seal that fits properly to wearer’s facial structure to prevent the ingress of unfiltered air. The filtering medium is FFP3 and will deliver the highest protection. This solution would help control the propagation of the virus and hopefully avoid a new confinement period, which is extremely painful on the personal level and the Netherlands’ economy.


6. Madlogic wants to help people to work happy from home 
Motivating people is a challenge that often stops when there isn't any concrete guidence. 'We wanted to do something for the people who are working at home', tells Karen van Kempen of Madlogic. 'We've created a tool called 'Animo'. During the corona crisis it's available for everyone who wants to have more insight into his or her motives and the motivation to work from home.' The questionnaire takes 20 minutes, and afterwards you will receive two reports with insights and concrete tips.

7. PSV launches virtual meeting place 
Together with Philips, ASML, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Jumbo Supermarkten and VDL Groep, PSV has launched a virtual meeting place called #PSVWeStandTogether. 'Our platform is for everyone who is struggling to find their way at home. Working while the kids are at home, loneliness, less healthy eating, less exercise. We want to share our knowledge about staying fit, innovation and talent development.' 

88f520fa-5241-45e6-b44f-b16ade0aa7c1_NIEUWS_PSV We Stand Together

8. Providing legal help for any Campus colleague
Halsten is an external legal department for companies in the Netherlands and is situated in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and at the Hight Tech Campus in Eindhoven. 'These days, it is important to help each other out where possible', says Sietske van der Werf. 'Being colleagues on the High Tech Campus, we would like to offer legal assistance to companies located at the campus, without any obligation. We can help with topics like rent, employment law, privacy, et cetera. You can contact us via legal-HTC@halsten.nl.'

9. Eating healthy during the corona crisis
 Since you're not having lunch at The Strip and we cannot contribute to your healthy eating, our catering facilitator Eurest would like to help you at home. Collin Goedhart: 'Our goal is to create workplace wellbeing and to inspire and create special food moments. When working from home, you might walk to the fridge more often. However, since you work from home and tend to become less active than normal, you do not want to eat more food, but more healthy food.' Every week Eurest gives usefull insights for a healthy diet. 

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10. Fitness Tip Friday by Marieke & Marieke
Our Campus Wellness Center isn't open yet, but our coaches are doing everything in their power to keep you strongly motivated to exercise. Every Friday personal trainers Marieke Dammers and Marieke Gondrie are live at Facebook to give insightful tips and to review your questions about exercising from home. Also High Five has launched a platform with workout videos and if you're a member of our Wellness Center you can also join virtual classes via their app. 

11. Virtual events to keep the community together
Even though it's quiet at the High Tech Campus right now, there are several interesting events to join virtually. HighTechXL hosted a hackathon to create new startups, Bluetivity hosted (and still hosts) several walk-in-hours for career coaching and Drinks, Pitches and Demos of the High Tech Plaza upgraded their monthly event. Now, every two weeks on Wednesday from 17.00 - 19.00 hrs you can join interesting pitches, interviews and an open mic via the livestream of Innovation Origins

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Ingelou Stol
Ingelou Stol

Communications Manager

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