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Is the world ready for Internet of Things? Absolutely not.

May 25, 2016 3:22:17 PM. By: Hilde de Vocht

But is that a bad thing? An interview with Brenno de Winter; ICT fanatic in heart and soul, research journalist, OV-chipcard hacker, Internet of Things enthusiast.

Brenno-de-Winter-Speakers-Academy-Walter-Kallenbach-1sq.pngAt the age of 5, de Winter wrote his first computer program. The opportunities and risks of ICT play a significant role in his career ever since. He is mostly known to the public by revealing the poor state of data protection in the Netherlands in unconventional ways (e.g. Lektober).

On June 7-8, 2016, during the 5th edition of the Internet of Things Event at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, de Winter will talk in his keynote about “Security and Internet of Things”.

Internet of Things: an exciting, uncultivated landscape

While being highly aware of the cybercrime threat Internet of Things entails, de Winter emphasizes the positive opportunities that await us in a society where everything is connected. “There's this huge tension field of unrevealed opportunities. We don't know what the world will look like in a few years from now. It's an exciting, uncultivated landscape where great things can happen.”

Shaping the Information Society

It's not difficult to think of the security risks that can – and will - occur when Internet of Things further evolves. De Winter: “If we address, appoint and especially work on preventing and overcoming those security challenges together, we've come a long way already. We don't need to rely on the government, as I also describe in the book on the Information Society I'm currently working on. Most problems are highly solvable, also without political interference.”

Instead, new and existing companies should take the responsibility theirselves. How? De Winter: “By focussing on the few standards that are there and taking them very seriously. Complying to existing rules does not mean you're standing in the way of your own innovative power; innovation is no race to the bottom! It means the exact opposite: by grasping the opportunities and making them our own we enable innovation ourselves.”

Keynote Internet of Things event, June 7-8 at High Tech Campus

De Winter: “Enable your own innovation by getting the most out of opportunities technology brings. And while you do it, don't wait for others to take a leading role. Shape the society by taking your own responsibility as a company. High Tech Campus Eindhoven can take a leading role in setting the right example. The truth is; security risks are inevitable; data leaks can, and will occur. By reducing risks, we simply create new ones. But - that's not a bad thing. It's an opportunity!”

For more information and registration to the Internet of Things event June 7-8 at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, visit the website.

Will we meet you there?

About Brenno de Winter

Brenno de Winter is a research journalist and is known to the public for writing about privacy and security related matters for websites such as Webwereld.nl and Nu.nl. He initiated ‘Lektober’, which entailed a privacy leak every day of the month. This led to a national discussion about the poor state of data protection in the Netherlands. His quirky, sharp, simple and clear approach of complex matters make him a popular speaker. De Winter was named journalist of the year 2011 by the magazine ‘Villamedia’, he mainly won because of his scoop about the OV-chipcard and the failures in the security of government websites.

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Hilde de Vocht
Hilde de Vocht

Marketing Manager High Tech Campus Eindhoven

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