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Join the #SustainableCampus hackathon on March 6!

Feb 19, 2020 11:18:19 AM. By: High Tech Campus

We’re inviting the 12,000 smartest employees on the smartest square kilometer in Europe to join us in achieving a lofty goal – making HTCE the most #SustainableCampus in Europe by 2025. To that end, we’ve organized a Sustainability Hackathon with the help of the people who know how to hack: HighTechXL.


We’re offering up three challenges around which we want to build teams – one for each of the three Strategic Pillars in our sustainability plan.

High Tech Campus - Sustainability

We invite campus companies, suppliers and employees to join one of the challenges. Bring your boldest ideas to the Sustainability Hackathon, join a team and decide which initiatives you want to put in place to make a difference in the campus environment and culture.


Challenge No. 1: Eliminate plastic waste on High Tech Campus by 2025

Strategic Pillar: Environment-friendly

Challenge leaders:

  • Leendert Jan Olde (Philips)
  • Helena Samodurova  (Incooling)

Plastic accounts for only 1-percent of waste generated on High Tech Campus, but it is a painfully visible waste product. We cringe every time we see plastic bottles and other containers in the trash bin. We often hear campus employees ask why plastic waste is not separated for recycling. While there are waste programs at some of the companies on HTCE, there are no established programs to address the elimination of plastic waste. This team is tasked with developing a plan to eliminate plastic waste in five years. Ambitious, but worth it.


Challenge No. 2: Close the loop of talents on High Tech Campus by 2025

Strategic Pillar: Great Place to Work

Challenge leaders:

  • Paul van Son, Innovation Manager, High Tech Campus
  • Esther Peeks, Team Dynamics, HighTechXL
  • Nikki Schreurs, COO, HighTechXL

There are more than 12,000 people working on High Tech Campus, many of them highly skilled internationals. Once an employee relocates to Eindhoven, it should be easy for them to find follow-on jobs and remain on High Tech Campus. How do we keep highly skilled talent on campus if their contract is not renewed or if their project is complete? This team will generate creative ideas to help internationals embed in the campus community and help them move more easily within a closed network of employers on campus.


Challenge No. 3: High Tech Campus as a Living Lab

Create the High Tech Campus Living Lab, a collective where companies on High Tech Campus contribute by opening their labs to companies and/or individuals when labs are not in use. Sharing lab facilities fosters open innovation for startups and scale-ups to work on their respective sustainability goals.

Strategic Pillar: Accelerate Innovations

Challenge leaders:

  • Guus Frericks, co-founder & CEO HighTechXL
  • Martijn Boerkamp, CTO HighTechXL

There are several company labs on High Tech Campus. This team will generate creative ways to leverage inventions and technologies developed at High Tech Campus to accomplish UN Sustainable Development Goals. Teams will brainstorm ways to create the High Tech Campus Living Lab initiative, bringing together labs not in use with startups and scale-ups who need the labs for experiments or pilot programs.

How does it work?

Sign up for the Sustainability Hackathon via the button:


Choose one of the challenges that interests you. We’ll place you on that challenge team for the hackathon. After a brief presentation in the auditorium, we will divide into challenge sessions where personnel from HighTechXL and High Tech Campus will lead each challenge session.

Challenge leaders will have more information about the challenge and will help teams with idea generation. Those in the session will be tasked with coming up with ideas to address the challenge. This could be an initiative, a project or even a digital platform to help achieve the goal of the challenge. Each team will pitch their project plan ideas at the end of the hackathon.

What happens after the hackathon?

Teams can discuss when to meet and how often after the hackathon. The idea is for people from across campus – companies (large and small), suppliers and employees – to come together, work on the challenge and contribute in a meaningful way to help HTCE become the most sustainable and innovative campus in Europe by 2025.

We invite everyone to the Sustainability Hackathon. We are searching for campus employees who focus on sustainability in their jobs, companies whose mission may align with the UN Sustainability Development Goals and those who perhaps have felt helpless because they’ve never had an opportunity to make a difference. The doors are open for everyone.

HTCE is a unique place to work, and we look to our campus residents to help us make it an even better, more sustainable place to work!

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