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Mayor of Taipei visits High Tech Campus

Jan 31, 2018 12:18:38 PM. By: High Tech Campus

The mayor of Taipei visited the Campus at Wednesday January 31. The reason for the visit is Taipei's interest in smart city developments and start-up climate in Brainport Eindhoven. After the High Tech Campus, the mayor also visited Strijp-S and Stratumseind. 

Taipei.jpgPicture (left to right): Mayor Ko Wen-Je of Taipei, Cees Admiraal of the High Tech Campus. 

Eindhoven has had a relationship with Taiwan for some time already. The interest of the Taiwanese government, industry, and media is particularly focused on the smart city solutions that are being developed in the region in areas such as energy, security and water management. There are also efforts to link start-ups here and in Taiwan. Also, companies from Eindhoven, including DAF and Etulipa, have built offices in Taiwan. During the visit of the mayor of Taipei to Eindhoven, therefore, both a start-up delegation and a number of Taiwanese journalists will travel along.

Over the past few years, frequent visits by Taiwanese delegations to our region have taken place, covering issues such as elderly care and startups. Companies from the region also visited Taiwan.

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High Tech Campus
High Tech Campus

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