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MindYourPass launches free password generator that doesn't store your passwords

Apr 2, 2020 8:32:29 PM. By: High Tech Campus

From now on you no longer have to create or remember secure passwords, if it's up to startup MindYourPass. They've created a password generator, that doesn't store passwords or collect privacy-sensitive information. Founder Merijn de Jonge: 'With MindYourPass you use the same easy-to-remember password for all your accounts. We turn this into super-strong passwords that are unique for each account. Convenience, security, and privacy combined. And it's free for personal use.'

The huge increase in the number of online accounts with associated passwords creates an immense cyber risk for people and organizations. 'The Password Generator is part of the MindYourPass solution for improving online security and making online security auditable, which further comprises of the Password Firewall and the Cyber Dashboard. With the Password Firewall, an organization can enforce that only strong passwords can be used on online accounts. With the Cyber Dashboard organizations can monitor their progress on cybersecurity, gain insight into weak spots as well as into where company data is located.'


'We believe in an online digital world where security, privacy, and ease of use are the default for everyone, regardless of origin, age or education level. MindYourPass originated from the observation that passwords cannot be created or remembered by people and that this is not necessary at all. Combining smart techniques created a patentable solution that relieves people of their password challenge and helps an organization to secure their online accounts and applications.'

MindYourPass wil start in phases with a limited number of users. Curious? Read more.


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