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New neighbors: Capgemini Academy moves English curriculum to High Tech Campus

Jul 26, 2017 12:29:23 PM. By: Paul van Son

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” Benjamin Franklin once said in the 18th century. Three centuries later now and it’s probably still the best investment there is. Especially in these times of continuous innovation in IT and digital transformation education is key to keep up and stay ‘fit for the future’. A field in which Capgemini Academy is one of the market leaders for over 40 years.

As the Educational subsidiary of IT consulting giant Capgemini, Capgemini Academy is based in The Netherlands. ‘The Academy’ offers best in class offerings to facilitate the learning process, such as learning plans, competence profiles, assessments, modern learning journeys and high impact (virtual) classroom and individual sessions.

As part of its global strategy, Capgemini Academy has crossed borders and is now serving clients all over the world. Most recently, The Academy chose High Tech Campus Eindhoven as the HQ for its international operation. Meaning that all future English open group courses will be held at the Conference Center of the Campus.

Capgemini Academy is specialized in courses over multiple fields, such as: Agile, Project management, Digital, Cyber Security and Data Analytics. For a complete overview of the Academy’s curricula and services, please visit their website at: https://academy.capgemini.com/

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Paul van Son
Paul van Son

Marketing Manager

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