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Q&A: introducing you to Luxexcel

Jan 25, 2017 5:24:36 PM. By: Jacky Wassenberg

Short interview with Guido Groet, Chief Commercial officer at Luxexcel

Who are you?
Let me start off with who we are, we are a team of 20 people who are developing and marketing a unique capability in 3D printing. Our backgrounds are with various technology leaders like Philips, ASML, ABB, Shapeways and several different startups.

What does your company do?
We are the only company in the world able to 3D print lenses. Our focus is 3D printed lenses for ophthalmic applications (eye glasses).

The company has won in 2015 the price of most innovative SME in the Netherlands. We have two locations Eindhoven (NL) and Turnhout (B) and we are now starting in the USA. We have developed our own printers, materials software and processes and have now reached a quality level ready for market introduction. We are running user tests with our lenses in both Europe and the USA and results are promising. I personally have been using our lenses for a few months now and they work perfectly.

The beauty of our technology is that you can have a lens out of our printers in an hour, without the long supply chain typical for the conventional industry. Our lenses are created customized for the user without any polishing, grinding and the usual compromises of  the traditional industry. Our lenses also offer numerous new benefits like the ability to integrate all kind of filters and sensors in the lenses, for example sunglasses with optical power that switch electrically, or driver glasses that make sure the driver is not falling asleep. The possibilities are endless and we are only at the beginning! 3D printing is revolutionizing many industries but we see that where it involves humans and therefore large markets with customized products the benefits are obvious.

What are your key challenges?
We have still numerous challenges both in technology and in going to market. We are always looking for people who share our enthusiasm and want to join our team. We look for people with skills in marketing, business development, hardware, software and materials, if you are looking for an exciting and passionate company with a big challenge and opportunity, get in touch!

Why are you located on the Campus?
To build our company and grow our innovative technology we thrive where we have likely minded people around us, and we have believe we have found that on the Campus.

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