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LifeSense introduces the most child-friendly bedwetting alarm

Sep 24, 2019 11:51:28 AM. By: High Tech Campus

The healthcare wearables company, LifeSense Group expertly blends cutting edge medical technology with flawless modern design. Following the success of Carin, LifeSense Group is launching a new product for children, Oopsie Heroes.

Oopsie Heroes has been developed together with 100 children with the goal of curing bedwetting. Over time, the Oopsie Heroes routine will help train the child’s brain to recognize the signals from the bladder, allowing them to wake up on their own and use the toilet before wetting the bed. Within 6-12 weeks, the child will be free from nighttime accidents and waking up dry.

Oopsie Heroes is comprised of a small and comfortable sensor which can be easily attached to any pair of underwear or pajama bottoms. During the night, when your child has one of those “Oopsie Moments”, the sensor will send a harmless, audio-based signal to the mobile device running the Oopsie Heroes app. The app will then awaken the child so he or she can go to the toilet.

how_it_works_oops-07_1600xBased on years of research and invaluable feedback from children, Oopsie Heroes combines the highest quality medical technology with the sleekest and most child-friendly wearable designs. The result is a product leading to Dry Nights Better Days.

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