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Usono launches ProbeFix to the international market

Aug 11, 2017 9:30:17 AM. By: High Tech Campus

Developing and marketing a medical product within a year is already exceptional. But especially if there is already a pile of pre-orders waiting for you. Nevertheless, Usono achieved this with their ProbeFix.

"With the ProbeFix, the ultrasound probe is fixated to the body by means of a clever mechanism and adjustable straps," co-founder Victor Donker explains. "This fixation ensures that the heart can be stably imaged and monitored over longer periods of time, which makes the image of, for example, the heart valves more accurate. This has great benefits for stress echo procedures in cardiology and cardiac output monitoring in intensive care departments.”

Between May and September last year, the High Tech Campus Eindhoven based start-up Usono participated in the HighTechXL program that helps accelerating start-ups to the market. Benjamin Tchang, Victor Donker and Jori Verbeek, three alumni of the University of Technology Eindhoven, had the idea of a system to fixate an echo device on the patient's body.

See how it works in this video:

Usono ProbeFix was picked up immediately, which helped the young start-up to collaborate with hospitals from the very beginning. "We develop everything together with hospitals; they are our end users", says Donker. "This helped us to know what the market wants and also when the product is finished. "And that was much faster than expected. Within a year, Usono could visit Dutch and Belgian hospitals with a perfect working product. "We already received orders. But we did not have a CE marking which is required within Europe, so we could not sell. Now that is granted, we can launch to the European market", explains Donker.

"For this, we have signed a distribution contract with the Danish distributor Mermaid Medical, a specialist in ultrasound accessories. They will provide distribution and sales in the Netherlands, the UK and Scandinavia for the next four years. We are still looking for distributors for Germany, Belgium, France and Italy." Usono, which now consists of seven people, has now started production of their ProbeFix and can deliver to hospitals soon.

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