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Challenging the status quo in ICT network solutions

Oct 19, 2016 9:29:18 AM. By: High Tech Campus

Flexible wireless networks, the Digital Sealing, ICT solutions provider Simac is realizing an innovative and comprehensive ICT infrastructure for the business environment. Early October Simac opened an office at High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

A remarkable move since their headquarters is just a stone’s throw away in Veldhoven. Who is Simac and what brings the company to the smartest square kilometer in The Netherlands?

With its origins in measurement and calibration Simac evolved into a mid-size company (1100 employees) delivering a broad range of ICT network solutions for industry, health, business, education and retail. Edwin Roos, senior account manager at Simac: “We thrive in complex environments and always aim to bring pragmatic solutions. By working closely with large vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft, HP we can adapt new technologies and methodologies at an early stage.”

“We placed a little flag on Campus to be closer to our main customers. In successfully implementing ICT solutions, proximity is key. You need to be able to explore the demands and needs in great detail and to anticipate on developments in the working environment, company strategy and technology. This office brings us focus and visibility. And we are also very curious of what we will encounter at the Campus. We are present in the heart of high-tech development and new technologies of Campus companies and start-ups may influence the way we design, implement and use ICT infrastructures. The ambiance of this square km is magnificent and we are open to explore breakthrough innovations.”   

Smart Sealing
The world of ICT is entering an intriguing phase with developments like Internet of Things, Big Data and Photonics. “Absolutely true. We are rapidly heading towards intelligent environments and ICT is a major driver in those developments. We are currently involved in a concept called the Digital Sealing in which sensors in the sealing perform a number of measurements to adapt lighting, heating/cooling, cleaning, et cetera to the usage of rooms. This saves energy and tunes the environment to the user. It is just one of many examples where ICT plays a significant role. We are always looking forward to share thoughts and insights.”

Simac, HTC 41

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