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Bienvenue roi Philippe et la reine Mathilde!

Nov 28, 2016 12:56:43 PM. By: High Tech Campus

Welcome to the smartest square kilometer in Europe. Welcome to the place where open innovation is not a goal, but daily practice. Here, 145 companies, employing over 10,000 people from 85 countries, demonstrate that collaboration is the key to success.

This is where the traditional client-supplier relationship has evolved into a value chain in which all parties - large and small - play an equally important part, both where research & development and production are concerned.

You must feel at home here today. Belgians are European Champion in networking and cooperation according to the 2016 European Innovation Scoreboard. And that’s exactly what High Tech Campus Eindhoven is about. Networking & Cooperation. We call it open innovation!

It’s not in our nature to brag, but we are proud and honoured to be given this opportunity to show you how it all works. You will view the place where, in the twentieth century, many inventions by Philips took the world by surprise. These included the cd, the dvd, bluetooth and wifi. Each of these has contributed to making this the centre of high-tech hardware. And although Philips still plays an important part, companies such as ASML, NXP, IBM and Intel have also set up research facilities here. And they operate in close collaboration with a wide range of starters, including an employment agency for robots and a manufacturer of flexible solar panels that can be cut to size.

No wonder the global press has been full of praise about this particular location in recent years. It is where half of the Dutch patents are created. On a global scale, Eindhoven even provides the most patents per 1,000 inhabitants, which is over twice as many as the Number 2: San Jose. That is why Forbes Magazine called Eindhoven the “most innovative city in the world”.

Indeed, we are like Silicon Valley on a postage stamp. Applied innovation, highly concentrated. And because each campus member can be reached by foot - or by bicycle - the central Strip is the ideal meeting place for everyone. Here, serendipity is standard: coincidence has led to many a breakthrough. And we feel sure that you will benefit from this phenomenon yourself.

à bientôt!

Campus resident instructions for November 30th

  • Parking P0, the top two parking levels are not accessible.
  • the Mart, the entrance of the restaurant is on the water side. It will not be accessible from the street.
  • The Conference Center and the Lounge are not publicly accessible.
  • Coffee Cafe LOKL is open as usual, but the cloakroom and toilet are not accessible.
  • Motorized transport will have limited access to the Campus to avoid large crowds.
  • Transport Supplies from outside are limited allowed and must report to Campus Logistics.
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High Tech Campus
High Tech Campus


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