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New healthcare service for internationals in Eindhoven

Mar 30, 2016 11:55:00 AM. By: Kim Voets

A new healthcare service for internationals in Eindhoven is open: SGE International. The healthcare center makes the offer available for internationals in Eindhoven more complete and it contributes to a climate where non-Dutch feel welcome and will settle sooner in the area. 

SGE (Eindhoven healthcare foundation) has 30 years of experience managing 11 primary healthcare centers in Eindhoven. The thorough research into the expat community revealed that Dutch healthcare, for all its strengths, does not always meet the needs or expectations of internationals. Cultural gaps, language barriers, differing expectations, and current provisions in the Dutch healthcare system were the main hurdles encountered

Together with PsyQ International SGE International is now offering healthcare services specifically tailored to internationalists’ needs which is at the same time covered as usual by (most) Dutch health insurers. PsyQ International provides specialised mental healthcare services, with offices already in Amsterdam and The Hague.

At the SGE International healthcare center in ‘Videolab’ at Strijp-S, visitors can expect:

  • A GP (family doctor) trained in treating people with an international background who takes time to overcome many cultural and medical differences.

  • An international approach (the website, registration forms, and all other information are provided in English)

  • Thorough understanding of the varying needs of non-Dutch visitors. We have studied the differences in world healthcare systems to better understand the needs and expectations in the Netherlands.

  • Psychological and psychiatric care by PsyQ International

  • Access to an expert medical team of trained international and multilingual professionals (nurse, physiotherapist, pharmacist, midwife)

  • Modern communication technology (eHealth) through which visitors can register online, book appointments, get consultations, request call-backs, and order repeat prescriptions

  • Easy accessible location at Videolab, Torenallee, Strijp S (buses 16/18/401/402)

  • Convenient handling of and help with insurance coverage

The additional benefit is that SGE International understands the medical aspects of international (corporate) mobility (health checks, vaccinations and insurance policies). We accept new clients from Eindhoven, Best and Veldhoven and they can be registered fast, together with their family, in one intake.

Further innovations, developed in collaboration with other partners, will be tested and implemented in all of our centers in order to benefit visitors throughout Eindhoven. We comply fully with NHG guidelines and standards of primary care and contract opportunities with healthcare insurers.

If you would like to receive more information on the center please don’t hesitate to contact us.

SGE International
Torenallee 20
5617 BC Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Tel: 040 - 711 67 30

Also read the article of accesible healt care for internationals on e52.nl.

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