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Q&A: introducing you to Bionchip Technologies

Apr 20, 2016 9:51:23 AM. By: Hilde de Vocht

Who are you?
I am Dr. Peter van Stiphout and founded Bionchip Technologies in January 2016. I have studied Chemistry in Utrecht, did my PhD in Catalysis and have been working in thin film industry since. I started my career at Philips research working on semiconductor lasers and photodiodes, joined a Philips business unit and worked at several other companies active in thin film wafer and chip development and production. I headed engineering and maintenance groups in a production oriented waferfab but was also involved in product and process development. The last 10 years I was active at High Tech Campus Eindhoven as director of Cytocentrics BV, working on patch clamp chips and modules for the pharmaceutical and research market.

What does your company do?  
Bionchip Technologies focusses on developing chip/plate related products for the Life Sciences. Supporting customers to improve their designs and realize low and medium volume production. For microfluidic applications in Life Sciences I have started to designing new Bionchip products in the Life Sciences to help customers perform their tests. For specific applications I am initiating supply chains in or near the Netherlands to approach new markets from a manufacturability perspective. Organ-on-a-chip manufacturing for instance. Bionchip will primarily focus on products involving single cells, tissue and droplet formation on microfluidic platforms. I will work on the interface of thin film technology and Life Sciences.

What are your key challenges? 
Bionchip ‘s key challenge is to identify the product needs in the Life Sciences market and the manufacturing methods and suppliers that matches these needs. Focus will be on high end applications with low cost manufacturing methods.

Why are you located on the Campus?
Bionchip is located on High Tech Campus Eindhoven because it is one of the most dense innovation centers of the world surrounded by high quality SME covering most of the manufacturing methods required. And it is fun to work in an open innovation concept.

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Hilde de Vocht
Hilde de Vocht

Marketing Manager High Tech Campus Eindhoven

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