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It's a new year on Campus and we're all back in the swing of things after the holidays. To make this year an energetic one full of new experiences, we have some activities on Campus for you to discover! Whether you're motivated to keep up the good energy and healthy habits you built in 2023 or looking for ways to elevate your workday in 2024, we bet you'll find something new to try on our list.

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Why not shake up your meetings and take them outside? Our WorkWalk routes let you combine business with some fresh air, inspiration and activity. Taking your meetings on the move is a great way to boost productivity and get your creative juices flowing. It's an easy way to fit physical activity into a busy daily routine, too. Plus, if you haven't explored the High Tech Campus's rich natural environment, WorkWalks introduce you to the hundreds of plant and animal species we work alongside everyday.

There are four WorkWalk routes on Campus: Sport Forest, Dommel, Lake and Heather. Each route will add at least 2,400 steps to your day. 

Read more about WorkWalks and their benefits here.

wild break

Wild Breaks:

Join Nuno Curado, our enthusiastic wildlife expert, for short tours around Campus. Just like a mini-safari around your office, you set out discovering nature and wildlife during your lunch break.

Like the WorkWalks, it’s a perfect way to take a break from work, stretch your legs, and revitalize. However, instead of taking your meeting to the great outdoors, Wild Breaks let you connect with nature and learn something about the local flora and fauna on Campus. 

Spaces fill up fast, so sign up here or join the waitlist!


Campus Wellness Center:

Want to take your exercise routine to the next level or join group lessons? The Campus Wellness Center is just the place for you!

A membership with the Wellness Center means joining a supportive fitness community right next door to your workplace. Athletes and beginners alike can enjoy their top-notch equipment, friendly instructors and energetic atmosphere. They offer individual training, personal training, group lessons and workshops for your whole team. 

Learn more about the Wellness Center here.


LEAF the Desk:

Want to spend more time outside in the new year? Give the outdoor LEAF the desk a try! The Workplace Vitality Hub installed LEAF the desk facing the lake by HTC 85 as a part of their Living Lab, a space to test innovative and impactful solutions for a healthy and vital working environment.

This outdoor desk can be an important part of a healthy work environment by making your work day comfortable, inspired and relaxed.

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Frits Philips Sport Forest and High Tech Campus Cricket Association

Prefer your sports in the great outdoors? Check out the Sport Forest by HTC8, where you'll find facilities for basketball, tennis, cricket and football. You can head to the Sports Forest to shoot some hoops at lunchtime, challenge your colleagues to a football match, or just walk around and enjoy the greenery.

If you're a cricket enthusiast, you'll be excited to hear this is where the High Tech Campus Cricket Association plays! You can check out their website here if you're interested in joining.