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The health and safety of our High Tech Campus residents and visitors is our main priority. We do everything in our power to make the Campus safely accessible. We take the advice of the RIVM very seriously and that's why this blog is continuously being updated. We manage the following rules: 

The latest updates
  • It is mandatory to keep 1,5 meters distance.
  • Wearing a face mask in public areas is mandatory, also in HTC buildings. 
  • Campus Wellness Center is open again! Visit them next to the food trucks at The Strip for a nice session.
  • The Conference Center & AH to go are closed. 
  • The following restaurants are open: Daely, Love my Curry, LOKL, Subway and Brave New World. For opening times, read more below.
  • The following restaurants are closed: The Lucky Swan, The Lounge, Al Fresco, Tlab, Okinawa, The Mart.
  • Due to the advice to work from home, fewer buses run to and from the Campus. During rush hours, the buses will run twice an hour instead of four times an hour. Plan your trip here.
General Rules
  • Keep 1,5 meters distance
  • Work from home, unless there's no other option
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow
  • If you develop symptoms, stay at home and get tested as soon as possible
  • If your roommate is infected, you and your roommate must be quarantined



We make sure all restaurants are regularly disinfected and cleaned. There will be disinfectant to clean your hands. The counting systems will be set to the maximum number of guests within our restaurants. 

Corona regulations in the restaurants:

It is mandatory to wear a mouth mask and keep 1.5 meters distance in all the restaurants at The Strip.

Showing a valid CoronaCheck QR code is mandatory in Grand Café The Lucky Swan and restaurant The Lounge. A valid QR code is also required for outdoor events. These rules do not apply to the other restaurants on the Campus, because these are (business) take away locations for food and drinks. 

The following restaurants are open:

  • Brave New World: 11.30 - 14.00
    Location: HTC 5
  • LOKL: 08.00 - 14.00
    Location: HTC 1B
  • Daely: 11.30 - 14.00
  • Love my Curry: 11.30 - 14.00
  • Subway: 10.00 - 14.00
    Location: HTC 1D

Hereby the Campus map.

All facilities set extra hygiene measures and follow the guidelines of the RIVM. If you don't feel comfortable to visit The Strip for lunch, we can also bring you food! Check our food delivery service. Eurest can also deliver special breakfast, lunch and snack boxes to your office. For more info, contact: saleshtc@compass-group.nl or call 040-2305777

Conference Center

Update: The Conference Center is closed until further notice. 

Arrival & Departure

  • Please show a valid QR code
  • Keep 1,5 meters distance
  • Don't forget to wear a mouth mask 
  • In order to properly regulate guests during meetings and to ensure safety, the Conference Center contacts the organization prior to the meeting to discuss details: arrival times, program, break times, number of participants and general behavior and hygiene rules
  • The organization communicates with the guests the guidelines regarding the corona measures, the corona admission ticket and compliance with the measures
  • Various disinfection points are available in the Conference Center

Safety in rooms in the Conference Center

In the Conference Center, guests can meet in a safe manner. As an organisation, you are responsible for communicating, checking and maintaining the corona admission ticket of your guests/participants. In every room, at every seat, there is a card to emphasize general hygiene and behavioral rules once again. At small meetings, participants make their own agreements about how to keep the 1,5 meter distance and other recommended measures. Hygiene equipment is available in every room to wash hands and to clean used materials yourself (clickers, beamers, lecterns, speaker tables).

Due to the corona measures, the maximum capacity of the auditorium is 75 people again instead of 300. 

During events in the Conference Center on The Strip, we offer catering in a seated position instead of standing. 

Our colleagues available to talk with you on the phone +31-(0)40-2305700 or via email conferencecenter@hightechcampus.com.


Companies of the following buildings will provide their own measures: Philips, Signify, TomTom, TMC, Brunel, NXP, Shimano, NorthC, TWICE and ASML.

If you have any questions about the High Tech Campus measures in the covid-19 crisis. Send an email to: corona@hightechcampus.com