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Signify is throwing open the doors at High Tech Campus Open Day Saturday, June 8th! There are two locations on Campus to experience the wonderful world of LIGHT!

At Building HTC 48, Signify invites you to “make a green switch.” In front of the building, visitors can exchange a non-LED lamp for a new sustainable LED lamp for free at the e-truck, the first Signify electric truck, which was just launched last week.

Old lamps are collected by Stichting OPEN for recycling materials. (It’s more sustainable to replace old bulbs with LED lamps.) LED lamps are energy- and cost-savers and last many years longer than other lamps.

Inside HTC 48, you can see how 3D printed lamps are made from recycled materials. A 10-minute film is shown in the Lighting Experience Center. Relax and immerse yourself in the creation of light. In the various experience spaces, visitors can see and feel what light can do and experience the effects and impact in a supermarket, fashion store, office, warehouse, industrial environment and as an eye-catcher: NatureConnect,a skylight with light scenes tailored to people’s need based on nature.

Building HTC 7 is also open! In the Atrium visitors get a glimpse behind the scenes of research with the demos of City Farming and HUE innovation. Would you like to taste tomatoes grown under a special pink light recipe? Or discover light recipes specially designed for animals? You are welcome in the wonderful world of LIGHT!

Saturday June 8: High Tech Campus Eindhoven Open Day

Visit https://hightechcampus.com/open-day-2024 to download the Campus Map and explore your must-see activities on Saturday June 8, 2024!

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