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Classified Cycling, which develops innovative gear shifting technology for the bicycle industry, has raised 22 million euros in a funding round led by UK-based Active Partners. With the fresh capital, Classified will particularly accelerate its product development for e-bikes and establish partnerships, the company said in a press release.

This article was written by Innovation Origins.

The bicycle industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years. However, compared to the automotive sector, technological innovation has been slower. In the field of drive and power transmission systems, for example, there is still a great deal of innovation possible. This is where the Belgian company Classified with its Powershift technology is a pioneer. The company uses deep tech and expertise to improve the riding experience and performance of all cyclists, from top Olympic cyclists to cycling enthusiasts and e-bikers. The electric bike market is the next goal for Classified.

Innovative gear shifting system
Mathias Plouvier, co-founder and CEO: “Our drive technology and shifting systems allow cyclists to shift extremely fast and under load, which is essential for the very best performance – especially for e-bikes. We will therefore invest even more in our R&D at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, where we opened a facility this year next to our – also new – headquarters in Antwerp. Here we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible on bikes.”

Founders Mathias Plouvier and Roëll van Druten (CTO) have a history in the automotive transmission industry. They applied their knowledge and experience to design shift systems for bikes and simplify transmission. Classified’s patented Powershift system shifts under full load, which is not possible with current products on the market. The first application of Classified’s integrated transmission system, is the Powershift hub launched in 2020. That sits in the rear wheel of a bicycle and replaces the front derailleur, the part that moves the chain from one chainring to another when shifting gears. Later in 2020, Classified also presented its own wheels.

Cycling legends
Four cycling legends act as brand ambassadors and also invested in Classified: Tom Boonen, Andre Greipel, Marcel Kittel and Anna Van der Breggen. Meanwhile, the hub has been approved by the international cycling union UCI for use in competition. The first victories in professional races have already been achieved. Classifieds Powershift hub was awarded the Eurobike Gold Award and the Design & Innovation Award in 2021.