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Detecting substances such as drugs and explosives in packaging: startup Dynaxion succeeds in this. Schiphol and international customs organizations are eager to see the Eindhoven high-tech scanner coming. To do this, the company must first attract a multi-million dollar investor.

Dynaxion was in the first cohort of deep-tech ventures of accelerator HighTechXL in 2018. Their scanner uses a particle accelerator that generates neutrons. Those neutrons are released onto the atoms of materials. Depending on the reaction that occurs, artificial intelligence can be used to analyze which substance is involved.
So, what’s missing? Investors.

The next task is the construction and testing phase of a prototype. A financial hurdle has to be overcome for this. Dynaxion runs into a known problem: high-tech start-ups need a relatively large amount of money in an early phase of their development with millions of euros. “It's difficult”, says Dynaxion co-founder Joost van de Griendt. “Investors talk more about risks than opportunities.”

If Dynaxion secures funding for a prototype and gets to market, their scanner will literally make the world a safer place. Contact Joost if you can help them get there: joost.vandegriendt@dynaxion.nl

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