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The AI Innovation at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven has partnered with Accenture, Refugee Talent Hub and New Dutch Connections to organize a new chapter of CodeMasters. During this program, refugees will learn how to program with Python in 10 weeks. During the final ceremony the participants will present a product they have created with the Python programming language.

Accenture has developed the CodeMasters program with the aim of opening the door of the skills of the future to those who need it the most. They believe teaching how to code is not only an essential ability to succeed in the 21st century, but it closes the gap by providing refugees a chance to develop themselves and eventually find a job. To make it a success, Accenture organizes chapters of CodeMasters and partners up with organizations that can recruit participants and host the sessions.

The participants are recruited by Refugee Talent Hub, an employer initiative that brings refugees and employers together with paid jobs as the goal. Since 2016 they bring affiliated employers into contact with job-seeking refugees through small-scale, customized meetings. In order to support participants throughout the duration of the program, New Dutch Connections connects each participant to a Buddy. A Buddy is a professional who provides module support in the personal and/or professional development of the participant. The conversation can be around finding work in the Netherlands, preparing for a job interview and how to do networking. However, they can also just be an opportunity to engage in fun conversation and have a cup of coffee.

Paul van Son, Innovation Manager at High Tech Campus and initiator of the AI Innovation Center, states, “one of the goals of the AI Innovation Center is to develop knowledge and capabilities by hosting all kind of industry events and education programs. During this Codemasters program, several people from our community will help improving the social and professional potential of refugees. Accenture has proven that this concept works for both the students and companies since a large number of the students gets hired by partnering companies. Therewith we can contribute to the improvement of lives and the need for talent in the region!

The new chapter will be hosted at the AI Innovation Center (High Tech Campus building 5) and the sessions will take place on a weekly basis. The program will run from the 13th of October through the 15th of December. It is expected that 20 participants from all over the Netherlands will sign-up for the program.

The organization is currently looking for instructors for the coding sessions and Buddies. Are you interested in collaborating or would you like to get more information? Send an email at ai@hightechcampus.com