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High Tech Campus Eindhoven is on a mission to become the most sustainable campus in Europe. To achieve this, you need more than just green initiatives. It’s also about diversity, vitality and innovation. In the three-part documentary series 'Sustainable Campus' you will see what the Campus is doing to achieve these sustainability goals. Meet the innovators, engineers and entrepreneurs who make this ambition a reality. 

As High Tech Campus, we hope these ambitions become the benchmark for other campuses to implement their own sustainability initiatives. But creating Europe's most sustainable campus...well, that takes strategic planning and major investments.

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We’ve already incorporated innovations you won’t easily find on other campuses. Becoming the most sustainable campus in Europe isn’t just an idea. It’s a comprehensive plan that guides our efforts every day, and dozens of initiatives are already in place.

Episode 1 - A green Campus:


Episode 2 - A diverse and vital Campus:


Episode 3 - An innovative Campus:


This documentary series was made by Ingelou Stol & House of Yellow.