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"Festive opening of Campus" written by Karen Mauve (in Dutch) on 02-07-1999.

With fireworks and the sound of trumpets, the construction of the Philips High Tech Campus by Minister Jorritsma and Arthur van der Poel, member of the Board of Management, was officially launched.
"The infrastructure and the physical presence of the various research institutions on the Philips Research site contribute to an optimal knowledge transfer, leading to optimal results for an even stronger "Let's make things better" future," according to Martin Schuurmans, director Nat.Lab., during his opening speech. The attractive working environment will also exert a great  recruit (young) international research talent.

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Rewind & Fast Forward: how we discovered the 25 year anniversary of High Tech Campus Eindhoven


While searching for intriguing High Tech Campus history for a blog post, our marketing & communications team came across a dated YouTube video titled “Opening High Tech Campus 17 June 1999,” posted by Henk Hagenbeuk. They observed the retro graphics introducing the inauguration of the “Philips High Tech Campus” and footage of the festive opening ceremony, including an opera singer and fireworks.

Initially, we were entertained and captivated by the glimpse of a youthful High Tech Campus. Then it dawned on us – this marks 25 years ago in June 2024! To share this milestone with you and ensure everyone on Campus can join in the celebration, we created Rewind & Fast Forward: our campaign to commemorate both past and present achievements of the Campus community, and to outline our ambitions for the future of High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Take a trip back in time by watching the original opening video on our landing page, and discover how you can celebrate 25 years of High Tech Campus Eindhoven together with us: https://hightechcampus.com/25years

Henk Hagenbeuk has an incredible website dedicated to collecting and archiving the history of Philips, Philips Nat.Lab, Utrecht, and his own family. His YouTube channel also offers a trove of archival Philips and Philips Nat.Lab material. A big thank you to Mr. Hagenbeuk for his dedication; without him, we might have missed this incredible opportunity to celebrate 25 years of High Tech Campus.


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