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One makes cycling, fishing, and rowing products. One provides tech services and software. And one is a Marketing Content agency. But these three very different companies have one thing in common: they’ve all found a home on the High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTCE).

In fact, make that two things in common – because Shimano, Etteplan, and Curgoal recently teamed up to create a striking new video showcasing their various talents.

Curgoal x Shimano x Etteplan

It’s the perfect example of the power of the HTCE community, where technological innovation and fruitful collaboration can thrive, inspire, and create something magical. Here’s how it happened …

Making complex systems accessible with engaging CGI Animation by Etteplan

The partnership between Shimano and Etteplan dates back to 2016, when the Etteplan team was brought on board to develop an animation of a Shimano internal geared hub.

Thanks to the software team’s vision and skills, Shimano successfully made the switch from live educational resources to computer-generated imagery (better known as CGI).

With Etteplan’s animations, Shimano could now present complex systems in a simplified way, allowing bike manufacturers and dealers to ‘look inside’ different mechanical and technological components – sometimes even before they went into production. Providing instructional content through immersive CGI was a big hit with Shimano’s colleagues and partners alike, helping the company provide a better service to a larger audience.

Etteplan x Shimano

“Working with Etteplan allows us to answer multiple questions from dealers and mechanics through a single educational resource,” says Shimano. “We can create perfect video content without having to film on location, and the resulting content serves many purposes, supporting us in customer service, sports marketing, internal communications, and social media, as well as technical education.”    

Partnership to a power of three

But the story doesn’t end there. In 2022, Etteplan brought their HTC neighbour Curgoal on board to help them create an impactful video that would bring their partnership to life.


“As a Marketing content company right on our doorstep, Curgoal was the clear choice for supporting the production process,” explains Bram van Berden, Director Technical Communications at Etteplan. “It was great to have the team’s expertise to guide the project from start to finish. The video has helped us showcase our value-adding capabilities for all kinds of clients in engineering and manufacturing, as demonstrated by our collaboration with Shimano. We’re excited to work together again in the future!”

Curgoal has plenty of experience in managing complex content marketing projects for multinational organisations like DSM, Sitech, Sabic & Etteplan, and was proud to support two fellow HTCE companies.

“It was great to work with our HTC neighbors,” says Chantalle Janclaes, Digital Marketing Specialist at Curgoal, “and to bring together Shimano’s high-quality products, Etteplan’s high-quality CGI, and our high-quality video production.”

It just shows the breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise on offer here in Eindhoven and proves how much more of an impact we can make when we join forces to capture new opportunities!

At Curgoal, we look forward to tackling many more projects with members of this vibrant community.

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