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Mindy Howard, the first Dutch woman who will go into space, will become an ambassador for the Female Tech Heroes movement. Female Tech Heroes is an initiative by High Tech Campus Eindhoven to create more diversity in the tech world. 'There aren't enough female role models. I didn't have a role model growing up. The more visible women become in technology, the better off other women will be.' Howard held on to her dream: ‘People didn’t take my dream seriously. But now it’s coming true.’ 

Read the Dutch press release here

By NASA, Mindy Howard was selected as a Highly Qualified Astronaut Candidate, but due to bad luck she didn’t make it. But Mindy Howard never gave up on her dream. The dream she had when she was a little girl: to become an astronaut. In 2023 she will be the first Dutch woman who will go into space. Not with NASA, but with a commercial space flight. 

In the High Tech Podcast interviewer (and founder of Female Tech Heroes) Ingelou Stol talks to her about her passion about space, her move to the Netherlands and about diversity. 


Mindy Howard will be one of the four ultimate role models that Female Tech Heroes will highlight this year. She will give a keynote, book signing and a join panel discussion at the Female Tech Heroes Conference in June. Tickets will be online soon.

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