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The most important meetings and decisions don't happen in buildings or over video chat - they take place on the move. There are countless benefits to walking meetings that will make you feel better physically, mentally and professionally. Walking is one of the most basic forms of exercise that gets you out into the world, enjoying the fresh air instead of being stuck at a desk all day.

At High Tech Campus Eindhoven we support this movement by developing 4 WorkWalk routes with visual signing for you! So bring some people together, determine the purpose of the WorkWalk, plan your route, have a pair of comfortable shoes available and get moving!

You only have to follow the signs on Campus:


A WorkWalk is a healthy and great way to:

  • Do Business (Walk & Talk)
  • Reduce stress & improve productivity
  • Boost your creativity
  • Discover new places
  • Improve your health
  • Increase your energy level

More info about the routes and how to start?

Check the website: https://www.hightechcampus.com/workwalk