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Today at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, the new Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Hub was launched. Emerging from the success of Flying Forward 2020 (FF2020), High Tech Campus Eindhoven has laid the foundation to setup a BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) urban drone test site and a new Urban Air Mobility (UAM) open innovation ecosystem: The Urban Air Mobility Hub (UAM Hub).


The Hub will bring together developers of urban air mobility technologies, strategic partners working on UAM innovations in the city of the future and end users integrating UAM applications starting with security, inspection and, delivery. This emerging industry cluster can make use of the urban test site for testing and developing drone applications.

The future is around the corner.

Ted van Hoof, Program Manager of the UAM Hub: “The new European drone regulation from January 2023 opens up a lot of opportunities to use drones in all kind of urban applications – think of delivery, security, inspection. With the UAM Hub we help organizations to make use of these new opportunities and implement drones in their daily operations. We do this through innovation projects with technology developers and stakeholders of urban airspaces which is unique in the current drone scene.”


Johnny van den Bliek, Klantmanager Trigion:  “Innovation and sustainability are highly valued at Trigion. Our involvement in the Urban Air Mobility Hub initiative is a good example of that. With this collaboration, it is great to discover how the use of drones can add value to our services.”

Paul van Son, Innovation Manager at HTCE: “At High Tech Campus Eindhoven, the innovation hubs have established themselves as a successful concept for driving open innovation. These hubs foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and joint projects, and also provide essential infrastructure. The Artificial Intelligence and 5G hubs, for instance, already run as many initiatives here at campus. We are proud to welcome the UAM Community to our Campus because we believe in the future of this emerging industry and can provide the perfect breeding ground for it."


During the launch event today on May 31st, the UAM Hub partner ecosystem, projects and collaboration opportunities were introduced and 11 exciting drone demonstrations were showcased, including:

  • Aerovision: Make your business fly with A.I.
  • Senhive: Real-time detection for safer flights
  • Altitude Angel: Guardian UTM
  • Nimo Drone Security: Spyder control
  • Qualified.technology: Dutch drone ecosystem
  • Soliton Systems, VodafoneZiggo & 5G Hub: 5G connected car
  • Aero Team Eindhoven: The future of drones in V.R.
  • Droneland & Airhub: DJI M30T-Dock & fleet management system
  • DroneQ: Advanced drone delivery
  • Avular: Drones for industrial inspection
  • Flyvercity: 5G traffic control services

The UAM hub is a project funded by Stimuleringsfonds of Metropoolregio Eindhoven (MRE).

Learn more about the Hub: Urban Air Mobility Hub (hightechcampus.com)