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High Tech Campus Eindhoven will continue as the main sponsor of PSV Women for an extended period. PSV and the ecosystem of three hundred innovative companies have extended their collaboration until 2025.

HTCE extends partnership with PSV Women

From left, Hilde de Vocht, Otto van den Boogaard, Frans Janssen and Felice van Duijnhoven.

HTCE, one of the founders of the Brainport Eindhoven consortium, has been the main sponsor of PSV Women since 2022. The tech company is committed to promoting diversity in the tech world through the initiative Fe+male Tech Heroes. The story of PSV's women's team aligns seamlessly with this initiative. “We look forward to the continuation of the collaboration with PSV Women,” says Hilde de Vocht, Director of Ecosystem Management. "It has become clear in the past period that the objectives of both organizations perfectly converge. In addition to striving for sporting success, we jointly focus on creating a positive societal impact, with innovation as a crucial guideline.”

The Eindhoven campus accommodates over 12,500 technicians, researchers and innovators across three hundred technologically advanced companies. Within “the smartest square kilometer in Europe,” innovative solutions are being created every day to address societal problems and challenges.

A team that emphasizes diversity

Commercial Director Frans Janssen is proud that one of the founding members of the Brainport Partnership has extended their commitment once again. “More and more companies want to associate themselves with the women's team, which underscores a story of diversity and equal opportunities. Currently, a hundred talented players play weekly in the PSV jersey. The extension of HTCE as the main sponsor is a beautiful milestone for our girls, and they have completely earned it."

Innovation Challenge

As the main sponsor of PSV Women, HTCE contributes in various ways to the team's performance. Last year, the PSV Innovation Challenge sought innovations that could contribute to the mission of PSV Women. And with success; TNO won with “Customized Food,” a technique that 3D prints personalized nutrition for each player.