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High Tech Plaza 2020 Recap

Dec 29, 2020 1:05:09 PM. By: Karina Garcia Del Real

Every year has a few defining moments. But at the High Tech Plaza we don’t settle for a few achievements. In fact, we celebrate a year full of growth and accomplishments. Read below our 2020 recap with the High Tech Plaza residents’ highlights and plans for 2021.

Keiron Printing Technologies secured a partnership with TNO and Holst Centre. This collaboration will tremendously support Keiron’s roadmap and enable their technology to move forward. Keiron is building the next generation microfabrication machine, enabling its users to deposit almost any material on any substrate. Their mission is to give their clients the power to create and innovate on microscopic levels, leaving a footprint with groundbreaking electronics.

Keiron technologiesKeiron Printing Technologies

Just before this crazy year comes to an end, Alphabeats raised significant seed investment from LUMO Labs. With this investment AlphaBeats is going to conquer the world with its app that uses biofeedback technology and AI to help you relax.  

‘Our algorithm adjusts the frequency of the user’s favorite tracks and takes the brain to the relaxing alpha-mode,’ explains Founder & CEO Han Dirkx. ‘The best part is you can achieve that by listening to your own favorite music for just ten minutes a day.’ 

AlphaBeats knows how stressful startup life is. That’s why they want to offer the High Tech Plaza community the opportunity to be among the first beta users of their braintech app! Want to join the beta test? Click here

Han-Dirkx-using-prototype-pic2-scaledHan Dirkx, CEO of AlphaBeats

HighTechXL  welcomed its new CEO John Bell. He brings years of corporate innovation experience and is excited to build deep-tech ventures from the ground up, startups that will tackle grand societal challenges the world faces. 

This year, HighTechXL teamed up with Nxchange to present an opportunity never offered before: a vertical of 30 #deeptech ventures for investment on the secondary market. Furthermore, five HighTechXL alumni teams will attend CES 2021, which is a virtual five-week event. Included in the Dutch delegation are DynaxionAircisionIncoolingAlphaBeats and Carbyon. 

HTXL teamHighTechXL team

Plasmacure has had a year full of milestones. PLASOMA cold plasma system is officially in the market! This means that the system can be delivered to as many wound care professionals as possible and help them treat chronic wounds. It is already being used by a wound care center in Belgium, and the feedback on its easy and fast application is very positive.

Secondly, Plasmacure  was awarded with the EU grant Horizon 2020, enabling them to develop a large clinical study to demonstrate the positive effect of PLASOMA on the healing of the main types of chronic wounds.

This startup’s technology is truly improving peoples’ lives; it’s really exciting to see what 2021 will bring to this team.

plasmacure 3PLASOMA being used on patient

Touch Biometrix is a fabless developer of a new type of fingerprint sensor that can be any size on glass or any size or shape on plastic and all at a fraction of the cost of current solutions.

The company managed to achieve some major milestones in 2020! Continued investment of one million euros allowed the growth of the team to 8 people to support their go to market strategy. This was combined with the signing of a 2 year JDA with a large consumer electronics brand name who will be manufacturing the revolutionary fingerprint sensors.

In addition, SystematIC were chosen as their IC partner with tremendous progress being made in the design of the first sensor read out IC during the year. This has placed Touch Biometrix in the enviable position of being on the cusp of entering the market with the first product range in Q3 2021. A good year indeed!

touch-biometrix-mouse-01-sensor-v2Touch Biometrix

Aircision built and tested its first prototype at the High Tech Campus on the Strip! Aircision builds high capacity Free Space Optics systems that can be deployed fast and operate on a structured beam to deliver high reliability. 

aircision 2

Aircision tested its first prototype at the Strip

Hearttarget's founder, Folkert Huysinga, was appointed team leader production LCH (Landelijk Consortium Hulpmiddelen). The assignemt is to develop sustainable production of COVID-19 medical personal protection equipment (PPE) in the Netherlands and Europe. This is a project commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and RVO. Folkert will collaborate with Eindhoven Engine, Eindhoven University of Technology and TNO to achieve this goal. Read more about this project here.

Hearttarget develops programs that support unlocking the full potential of companies, their leadership skills, as well as guiding them through change management processes.

Bambi Medical is a medtech startup developing the Bambi-Belt, a medical device that provides non-intrusive wireless monitoring for pre-term infants. In 2020, Bambi received in 2020 the ISO 13485:2016 certificate for its Quality Management System. 

Also, Bambi has started “First In Man” study at the Amsterdam University Medical Centre. With this study Bambi is acquiring actual data from premature babies with its neonatal monitoring system, Bambi Belt in the NICU. The first results look very promising!

And last but not least, the company completed a convertible loan funding round and raised EUR 1.3 million!

Baby with Bambi BeltBambi-Belt

Hearing Aid Advice Centre. After almost one year of complete or partial lockdown, everybody experienced how important social contact and direct communication is in daily life. For those people who suffer from hearing loss, communication is always difficult.

In 2020, the Hearing Aid Advice Centre provided independent advice through face-2-face- and telecare consults, made new connections with several tech companies and health care providers in order to optimise audiologic healthcare. In 2021 these activities will be expanded further to create a strong connection between healthcare, technology and audiologic stakeholders.  

hoortoestel advies centrumHearing Aid Advice Centre

In 2020, Bluetivity supported more people than the year before. Bluetivity provides coaching for the hightech industry, and when the Corona crisis began, they immediately started to offer their Self-Awareness deep-dive assessments and other services online, achieving good results and unchanged high customer satisfaction.

In 2021, they aim to continue this upward trend, focusing on professionals with a strong desire to learn and grow, and high tech SME’s committed to develop and keep their high potentials.

Drinks, Pitches & Demos had one of its best years. The event is considered “the” start-up event in Brainport Eindhoven; it is a platform for casual meetings that encourages knowledge sharing and networking.

A total of 12 editions were launched in 2020! The majority were held online and reached international audiences. During this year, over 70 innovators presented their ideas live to more than 1,000 viewers. Furthermore, the founders Hans Meeske and Bert-Jan Woertman celebrated the 5 year anniversary of the event and announced the launching of a newsletter in collaboration with Innovation Origins. Interested in the upcoming event? Check their meetup page.

Manifestations 2019 - Edwin Smits (165)

Hans Meeske and Bert-Jan Woertman hosting Drinks, Pitches & Demos


Looking forward to 2021

2021 is just around the corner, and it brings some very interesting start-up events that you definitely want to put on the agenda! 

XL Day

Join XL Day and hear from nine deep-tech ventures present their business propositions online. 

These teams are working hard to bring technologies  from CERN, TNO, Philips and other global innovators to the market.The event will be fully online on January 15th from 13:00-15:00

You can sign up here today.

5G and the Future of Business.

The High Tech Plaza and the 5G Hub organize a special event to explore what 5G means for businesses. Are you aware of the business opportunities that might be available to your company? What what kind of opportunities does 5G will bring, and how can you be preparedfor them?

Save the date: 10 March 2021.

Do you have questions regarding 5G that you'd like to see addressed during the event? Email us!

February Drinks, Pitches & Demos

The upcoming edition of Drinks, Pitches & Demos will take place on February 3rd. Join their meetup page to receive the latest updates and news. 


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Karina Garcia Del Real
Karina Garcia Del Real

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