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How did the Eindhoven region emerge as a leading deeptech ecosystem? And does this collaborative ecosystem offer an alternative to Silicon Valley's winner-takes-all culture? Professor Sjoerd Romme of Eindhoven University of Technology wrote an interesting essay about it.

Read the essay "Against all odds: How Eindhoven emerged as a deeptech ecosystem" here.

Interesting insights:

  • "The focus on deeptech R&D and entrepreneurship appears to be deeply rooted in the region’s history as well as strong competencies in systems engineering, design thinking, and multidisciplinary collaboration."
  • "A collaborative approach to regional policy gives industrial, academic, and governmental actors a correlative position in its “triple helix” governance."
  • "The Eindhoven region benefits from a systemic approach toward co-locating R&D and entrepreneurial activities on five campuses."

Overall, the huge complexity of deeptech systems and products apparently requires a truly collaborative approach at all levels of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.