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The light art festival GLOW Eindhoven is back.  With the theme "Urban Skin", the light show can be visited daily during opening hours. And we have good news: GLOW is also returning to High Tech Campus Eindhoven!

You will find 2 exciting GLOW projects near The Strip and the High Tech Campus lake. Bring your family, colleagues and friends and enjoy GLOW 2022 together! All details about the projects, opening hours, food & drinks and supporting partners can be found below.

Project 1: MONAD
Zero. The beginning. Birth, life, death and rebirth. Monad says it all at once. It is a spectacular video projection on a water screen that offers an inviting, inspiring and exciting experience. Wonder and reflection on life, and the chance of a new beginning.
Project 2: LUNA
Now, be honest. We have so many questions about our existential existence in the universe. The Moon (Luna) plays an important role in this. Together with the moon and dreamy soundscapes, the twelve changing orbs create associations with solar systems and galaxies. The whole thing has energy. Unforgettable. It makes you want to float and dance at the same time.
Opening hours and info
Both projects are available every GLOW day (November 12 - 19) from 18:00 - 22:00. Important! The High Tech Campus entrance gate closes at 21:30 for new visitors.

Visitors can reach the Campus by car via the Dommelpoort (Professor Holstlaan) and the A2/N2 gate near the highway. Parking garage P0 is open for parking. Middle entrance 'The Strip' is open for people coming on foot or by bicycle. Food and drinks are available on the square near The Strip (restaurant The Lucky Swan and a red food truck) 

Click here for the Campus Map