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Meet the Plaza: Fontys Consultancy

Oct 28, 2020 9:16:16 AM. By: Manon Hormes

The High Tech Plaza is home to over 70 ambitious, tech-driven high tech start-ups. In the Meet the Plaza series, we interview them to learn about the start-up life, how they started, what they are working on, and what keeps them motivdated to lead their company to success.

Let's put in the spotlight: Fontys Consultancy. They are the support behind many companies, and in this edition they share who they are, and why they are so passionate about working with start-ups.

Fontys Consultancy is the bridge between student consultants and High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Fontys Consultancy provides multi-disciplinary students the chance to work closely with startups and entrepreneurs on projects, internships and knowledge-sharing events. The ambition is to make a serious impact in the success of the startups at the High Tech Campus.

Students get a head start with Fontys Consultancy because of the hands on and real-life experience from working with all the different parts of the High Tech Campus ecosystem. Developing themselves within their field, on a consultancy basis, in the dynamic startup environment, helps them to evolve into the well-rounded professional they want to be. 

Work from home Fontys ConsultancyFontys Consultancy team working from home

As an example of this partnership, the Fontys Consultancy team has been collaborating with the company Incooling on two different projects. One of them consists in assisting them with their supply chain plan and discussing every step along the way with the supply chain expert. The other project focusses on employer branding and marketing recruitment strategies. What makes the collaboration with Incooling so special? Both parties are open to learn new things. After every meeting, everybody goes home with fresh information, a new skill or something to think about.

Each project is tackled with a strong sense of self-reliance and responsibility. Fontys Consultancy’s mindset is not only focussed on self-development. Teamwork, connection, networking and enjoying shared interests are also at the centre of it. That is what Fontys Consultancy is all about.

Fontys Consultancy is setting a benchmark on the wide and diverse brand at the High Tech Campus, and you can be a part of our story. So for any HTC startup, entrepreneur or other business that wants to talk about what Fontys Consultancy can do for them, we’re always up for a chat with a cup of coffee! fontysconsultancy@fontys.nl

If you have any questions about the High Tech Plaza or would like to be featured in our Meet the Plaza blog, send an email to High Tech Plaza Community Manager, Karina Garcia Del Real: karina.garcia.del.real@hightechcampus.com 

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Manon Hormes

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