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Brabetech announces the development of a thermal energy storage system using molten salt, known as the Brabetech ThermalPod. This technology offers industrial users of heat the opportunity to electrify heat consumption and store it for up to a week, enabling better coordination between energy consumption and supply.


"Heat accounts for 55% of energy consumption in society, but it has mostly been generated from fossil sources up to this point. Electrification of heat is a step in the right direction, but the energy grid is strained due to the mismatch between the demand and supply of sustainable energy. Energy buffering, as offered by our molten salt ThermalPod, provides an opportunity for industrial heat users to capture peaks in energy consumption and leverage the cheapest energy available during the day. In addition to lower energy bills, the ThermalPod can enable a larger grid connection by consuming and storing energy during periods when there is no congestion," said Bram Bens, Founder of Brabetech.

The technology behind the ThermalPod is based on a new generation of molten salts. This allows for providing heat to industrial processes ranging from 100 to 400 degrees Celsius. This can include industrial drying processes or processes in the food sector. Energy in the form of electricity or heat is stored by heating the molten salt when there is an abundance of energy available. When heat is needed, the ThermalPod delivers it to the process via a heat exchanger. Brabetech's technology is modular and can be customized to accommodate any size and type of heat demand.

Brabetech has showcased the groundwork for this technology in various systems worldwide. Through their solution for flexible energy utilization, Brabetech makes a substantial contribution to advancing the energy transition. The recently established partnership with an initial customer for a molten salt ThermalPod system provides the first practical validation. This Dutch customer will be implementing the system for an industrial drying process

About Brabetech

Brabetech is a leading company in the development of innovative solutions for sustainable heat storage and utilization. Brabetech possesses extensive knowledge and experience in designing, constructing, and installing industrial heat systems worldwide. Brabetech is committed to leveraging this expertise to accelerate the heat transition.

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