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‘I was born in Friesland and now I’m living in beautiful Bilthoven, thanks to a former employer ASM International that had its office there. At Philips Innovation Services I work with a team of 25 talented people, eager to really make innovation work. We provide consultancy on themes like the environment, health and safety. It gives me a lot of energy to help our clients, to make their work place more safe.

We share our facilities here at High Tech Campus Eindhoven and work together with partners, because we truly believe in open innovation. Every day we tap into a huge pool of tools, methods, expertise and experience, to solve each specific challenge of our customers.  

Philips wants to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation. It makes me proud to see that the company I work for is a leader in sustainability and the circular economy and I’m really looking forward to all that is yet to come in this area.'

Willy Enzing (Philips Innovation Services)

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