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High Tech Stories #8 - Philips Innovation Services shares knowledge to make innovation happen

Apr 23, 2019 10:28:40 AM. By: Ingelou Stol

Helping other companies to realize their innovations. It’s the goal of Philips Innovation Services. They bring together the required experience, creativity and methods to get things done. And they call it 'open innovation'.

Check our newest episode of High Tech Stories starring Robbert van der Waal of Philips Innovation Services:


Robbert: 'Open innovation for us means that we are open to companies outside Philips. That means that we share knowledge as far as we can. Respecting both Philips’ interests and our customers' interests. By strict IP and legal regulations. And by doing so we can share platforms, so we can strengthen our platforms and capabilities continuously.'

Global platform of sharing knowledge
Worldwide a thousand engineers and researchers work for Philips Innovation Services. They have hubs in the USA, India, Germany and in Eindhoven. At High Tech Campus Eindhoven they have multiple locations. For example the Laserlab (HTC 7), where they make large lenses – think of a square meter – with micrometer precision. These lenses are used in 3D tv’s and solar panels.

They also help companies build prototypes (HTC 37). The engineers of Philips Innovation Services help companies to bring their idea to the market. For example they build a large 3D printer for one of their customers. 

Philips Innovation Services also focusses on MEMS (HTC 4). But what exactly are MEMS? Robbert: 'You can find MEMS everywhere, but they are hidden. You need to look very good. MEMS are for example in cellphones, that’s the biggest application area. In cellphones you’ll find microphones, typically MEMS microphones. You’ll find speakers, MEMS speakers. Sensors, like temperature sensors, shock sensors, acceleration sensors, all made with MEMS technology.'

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'A bit closer to the heart, MEMS are used for medical applications as well. Together with Philips Research we have invested in a platform of ultrasound sensors. These are used for medical imaging applications. For example, they can be put on the top of a catheter, for in-body use. For example, they provide intravascular analysis, or go into the heart to provide a circumferal image of the heart and all its details.'

Philips Innovation Services operates a state-of-the-art 2650 m2 pure-play MEMS Foundry on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. This MEMS Foundry is specialized in low to medium volume custom MEMS manufacturing. For more information visit the website.

High Tech Campus Eindhoven
Robbert has been working at Philips for more than 25 years now. The Campus looked very different then. 'There was still a fence and the guards knew me by name. These days the population has become very diverse, in terms of age and cultures. That’s what you feel, when you walk around the lake and go to all the restaurants. And most of all, they are all creative technology oriented people who want to make things happen. And working with people like that, with companies with that DNA, is a big reward for working at the Campus.'

After 25 years of working at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Robbert still feels energized: 'Philips is a great place to work. Philips Innovation Services on the Campus is vibrant. It’s all about high tech, working with customers, it’s about teaming up and solving innovation challenges. And that’s what I love. That’s what I like. That’s what I love.'

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Ingelou Stol
Ingelou Stol

Communications Manager

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