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Sep 21, 2015 2:57:00 PM. By: High Tech Campus

Blog by Frans Schmetz, Managing Director, High Tech Campus Eindhoven

We know that as a collective of companies and research organisations on the Campus we are doing a good job. We also know that we are leading in technology and particularly in working methodology. A decade ago, Open Innovation was still an unfamiliar catchphrase, yet many companies at the Campus were already taking the first steps in this direction.

The power of Open Innovation is beginning to dawn on the rest of the world, with the Netherlands taking the lead. The recent Global Innovation Survey by PwC shows that 42% of the Dutch companies are in favour of Open Innovation and chain cooperation, compared to 32% worldwide. Continuing on this road will help the Netherlands storm the rankings of competing economies.

Faster, better and cheaper innovation: that is what Open Innovation aims at. Many organisations, however, are still struggling with the problem of how to achieve this goal. Although distance does not need to be an impediment, we at the Campus know that the vicinity of partners has special advantages. Recent investigation into the phenomenon of proximity conducted by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (Dutch: Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving PBL) revealed that the competitiveness of the Netherlands is largely determined by regional factors. High-tech companies clustered in regions benefit greatly from each other’s proximity in terms of mutual transfer of knowledge and collaborative partnerships. International competition is increasingly taking place between companies in regions rather than between countries. It is precisely the regional clusters that act as hubs of knowledge, capital, talent and infrastructure and offer the living and working environment that allows companies to compete globally.

Frans Schmetz, Managing Director, High Tech Campus Eindhoven
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The current top sector policy adequately addresses the clustering of knowledge and regional proximity. The PBL calculated that the three regions in which the top sectors are concentrated, i.e. North Holland, South Holland and North Brabant, together represent 55% of Dutch exports. In addition, 70% of all foreign companies are located in these regions. The results of these studies did not come as a surprise to me. But is encouraging indeed to have it confirmed that with the Campus we are realising an Open Innovation ecosystem with strength and relevance. Together with our 125 companies and 9,000 researchers and entrepreneurs, we are making a significant contribution to the High Tech top sector and the Dutch knowledge economy. On to further growth!
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