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Working on-campus and in-office has evolved greatly in recent years, presenting exciting new opportunities for individuals and teams alike. However, some people may feel dissatisfied with their office environment, which can negatively impact their productivity and creativity. In fact, many people have opted to work mostly from home, leaving offices half-empty.

In the framework of the Campus Vitality Boost, Linda Mostert, an advisor on behavior and change in work-related issues for YNNO, shares six tips you can follow to make the most of your workplace. 

Her two-part white paper covers these six tips, which are based on scientific behavioural insights, such as Self-Determination Theory on basic psychological needs and motivation. For each tip, she includes advice for both managers and individual employees to help put her theory into practice and send you back to the office with a new set of tools. 230324-YNNO Kantoortips_Tip 2-3

A few of the tips include:

  • Take into account new work rhythms: working from home gave employees a lot more autonomy when it came to planning days. However, getting back to the office means losing some of the freedom. How can we take into account these new work rhythms?
  • Come to the office for the right reasons: social cohesion and the exchange of ideas is essential for a healthy work culture. How can you improve exchanges with others when many of your colleagues or employees prefer working from home?
  • Temper expectations: working from home meant access to plenty of luxuries, such as the ideal home office setup or an endless supply of your favorite coffee. This can lead us to have higher expectations for office life. How can we reconcile these differences?

You can download the full white paper "Six tips to get more out of working in the office" here.

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Discuss the findings in a session with Linda

During the upcoming Campus Vitality Boost, Linda will be hosting a discussion to discuss her findings and insights with you and other campus residents. Register her for the session: From Theory to Practice: Tips for working in the office

The event is part of the Campus Vitality Boost taking place on various locations and throughout the day on June 6 at High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Check the entire program here.