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Startup Plasmacure heals wounds using a smart pad

Sep 17, 2018 10:26:05 AM. By: Ingelou Stol

A lot of people suffer from complex wounds. In the Netherlands for example, half a million people have wounds that are open for weeks, months or sometimes years. Like people with an open leg, burns, bed sores or a diabetic foot.  Startup Plasmacure wants to help. They developed a smart pad, that can close wounds.

Check the video:

Bas Zeper is CEO of Plasmacure: 'If you look just in the Netherlands with diabetic foot problems, we have 30 thousand patients already who are suffering from these kind of wounds. If this is not solved for these patients, you will see that 2 thousand people will lose their food or tow. So this is a huge burden for these patients.' 

Plasmacure 2

How to close a complex wound
That's why Plasmacure created a smart pad, that can close wounds by using a cold plasma. You can compare this by using lightning to close the wound. 'Imagine if you get hit by lighting. If you are a small bateria, you will be killed immediately. And that's what we need in wound care, to kill the bacteria.' In the smart pad there is also a strong electric field presence, that stimulates the tissue growth and the local blood flow.

Clinical trials
Plasmacure has done clinical trials on 20 patients at VU Medical Center in Amsterdam. The result? 'We see that the wounds of more than half of the patients healed very fast in the two weeks of treatment. Some wounds even closed completely. If you realize that these wounds were already present for months or sometimes years, this is really a strong improvement of the wound healing process.'

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Team Plasmacure

Future goals
'The dream is to help patients and bring this to the wound care clinics. We have a very good and unique solution for a huge problem. The good results will convince the market, and this way we will concur the world.'

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Ingelou Stol
Ingelou Stol

Communications Manager

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