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Summer arrived on High Tech Campus this week, and we want you to wander, explore and discover all the outdoor activities and soak up the sun! Here are some ideas if you've been wanting to enjoy the good weather on Campus while we all can.

Lakeside picnic lunch 

Grab lunch at one of the restaurants or shops on The Strip and invite colleagues or friends for an impromptu picnic. 

FoodLab and Campus restaurants with outdoor seating

Head to the very end of The Strip and order from the food trucks. There is plenty of seating at the FoodLab as well as The Lucky Swan, The Mart, Alfresco (upstairs from Subway) and LOKL/Starbucks. You can always find chairs near Albert Heijn To Go, Subway and along the lake side length of The Strip.


53440050999_c51b5fa354_cPhoto by Bart Brouwers

Campus Wellness Center

Check out all the classes and fitness activities at the fitness center, where the doors are always open to let in sunshine and fresh air.


Don’t forget about our WorkWalks! Choose from four routes: Dommel, Sports Forest, Heather and Lake. Grab a colleague or friend and get away from the desk or put on your tunes and walk alone. If you’ve been waiting on giving the routes a try, this week is your best chance for warm temps and a few rays. See all the routes here.

Wild breaks

Wild Break

Just like a mini safari around your office, you set out discovering nature and wildlife during your lunch break. The Wild Break is a monthly event, and the next one is set for July 23. You can register here.

leaf the desk

Leaf the Desk

Leaf the Desk is situated in the perfect spot on HTC, on the south side of the lake near the Workplace Vitality Hub (HTC 85). The outdoor desk has a cover in case of light rain and it even has a power outlet so you can plug in as you unplug!  Fun fact: it even rotates so you can choose your preferred view!

sand martin wall-1-1

Sand martin box

Our friends the sand martins are back home for summer! Once upon a time on the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, families of sand martins took up residence on the south side of Campus. These special little birds nest in big groups in steep hills, where they burrow tunnels to make their nests. To welcome our new residents and make them comfortable, the Campus collaborated with the municipality of Eindhoven to build a permanent sand martin wall.

Want to meet our winged friends? You can find the sand martin wall behind HTC 60, or on your WorkWalk if you follow the Heather/Heide WorkWalk route. 

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-26 at 10.48.38

Petanque courts

Did you know there are two petanque courts on Campus? One is located adjacent to The Farm, and the other is located next to parking garage P4 East. Bring your petanque balls and invite colleagues to team up for an hour of outdoor fun!

the farm for socials 1-1

The Farm

Before High Tech Campus Eindhoven, before the Nat.Lab, even before Philips itself existed … there was The Farm. Check out what the High Tech Farmers are growing in the garden. See the beehive in action and if you visit soon, you’ll see the High Tech Sheep adjacent to The Farm. Among all the tech and innovation, you naturally slow down when you’re near the farm. Read about The Farm here.


Sports Forest

And if you have already had a relaxing walk around The Farm and you’re ready to get your heart thumping, check out the Sports Forest, where you can book a court at the new padel courts. There are also tennis courts, a cricket field, football field, running track, basketball court and beach volleyball pits. 


Upcoming sports events

Thursday, June 27: Acknowledge Padel Tournament
Sunday, Sept. 1: High Tech Triathlon. Start training now!


Summer Tent events
Wednesday, July 3: Gerard & Anton Awards