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Starting April 2022, TAC will present artworks by emerging artists together with High Tech Campus Eindhoven in their green, innovative working environment. The common goal? To show everyone from the Eindhoven area what our region has to offer! We kick off on Thursday April 28 with the work Rebirth.


Melanie Maria, winner of the Jan Naaijkens prize for young talented artists, will place her new natural art installation near The Strip by the beautiful lake. We invite visitors from outside and employees on campus to attend the opening or to visit it at a later time during a (lunch) walk.


About Rebirth

A fallen tree lies serenely in the landscape of the High Tech Campus, like a newborn baby wrapped in a blanket of burlap and peacock feathers. Rebirth embraces the perpetual cycle of life and also the silent movement of impermanence. The tree was once born, and died. But even after its death, the tree transforms. It changes and lives on. Life is infinite. 


Artist Melanie Maria is fascinated by the ephemeral. Moments happen, moments pass, materials transition through time. Her artwork Rebirth will never be the same when viewed. Time and nature transform, while the viewer changes in part as they experience the work for one, two, three minutes or three hours.


Melanie explains, "I often use natural and perishable materials in my art. Previously I have worked with flowers and plants, but also with pure syrup that sinks to the ground by gravity and hardens over time. I am a performance artist and have worked primarily with ‘humans as materials’. People are the most natural material. Every person is different, just as every situation is different. Everything changes with duration and moment.'


'My partner is an arborist and helped to develop this work, thinking about the biological elements. Rebirth is the first work in which our professions come together. Looking for a dead tree to work with, we happened to find this one on the High Tech Campus itself.' Melanie Maria was commissioned by TAC to make a new large artwork as a result of the work It still remains for which she won the Jan Naaijkens Prize for young talented Dutch artists at Kunstpodium T. TAC suggested the Campus as the location for this new work Rebirth.


Melanie says; "The environment of High Tech Campus Eindhoven inspired me. Their vision of ecology and sustainability, and the area full of growing trees.'


About Melanie

Melanie Maria (1993, Haarlem) is a performance artist. After graduating as a dance teacher from the Amsterdam School of the Arts, her interest grew towards visual arts. She studied the subject at ArtEZ School of the Arts in Arnhem. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including at the Museo d'Arte Contemporanea in Rome. In 2020 her installation It still remains was awarded the Jan Naaijkens Prize 2020. 


Invitation to the opening

Toast with us to the installation of Rebirth and the new collaboration between HTCE & TAC. We love to see you there!

Thursday April 28 at 17.00h the festive opening will be with drinks on location.

The artwork Rebirth is installed next to the Food truck area (The Strip) at the Campus. You can find the exact location on Google maps via bit.ly/locationRebirth.

Coming by car? This is a map from HTC. The closest parking lot is P4. Walk in the direction of The Strip, spot 1F to find us!