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May 17, 2023

EINDHOVEN, Netherlands – MindYourPass, a leading provider of password management and digital security solutions, announces that Value Creation Capital has invested in the company. The investment will be used to drive the growth of MindYourPass and accelerate product development.


MindYourPass offers a unique solution for password management for individuals and organizations, combining security, convenience, and privacy in a smart way. Unlike traditional password solutions, MindYourPass does not store passwords in a vault but calculates them using a formula. This eliminates the risks associated with a vault, and so passwords always meet the highest quality standards without difficulties for users. MindYourPass can also actively enforce and monitor password policies of organizations, making password security finally measurable and manageable. This way, MindYourPass delivers auditable online security. MindYourPass is easy to implement and can be used directly on any online application.

"MindYourPass has experienced impressive growth and has developed a strong team and a unique patented technology that clearly differentiates itself from existing password managers, which have repeatedly been in the news for their vulnerabilities," says Aldebert Wiersinga, partner at Value Creation Capital. "We are delighted to invest in the company and work together towards further growth and success."

"The investment from Value Creation Capital allows us to accelerate our growth ambitions and further strengthen our market position as a leading provider of password management and digital identity solutions", says Merijn de Jonge, CEO of MindYourPass. "We are excited to collaborate with Value Creation Capital, as they are experienced tech entrepreneurs, and we look forward to a successful partnership."

About MindYourPass

MindYourPass is a leading provider of unique password management and digital security solutions. Headquartered in Eindhoven, MindYourPass was founded in 2019. Since then, it has experienced significant growth and has built a strong reputation as a reliable and innovative cybersecurity partner. The company serves customers in various sectors, including the government.

About Value Creation Capital 

Value Creation Capital (VCC) based in Bilthoven is a tech investor founded in 2005 by a group of ICT entrepreneurs, focusing on actively supporting innovative and fast-growing technology companies in Deeptech, AI, and Cybersecurity. With the investment in MindYourPass, VCC expands its Security of Things Fund portfolio in the cybersecurity market.


For more information, please contact:


Merijn de Jonge ,CEO

+31 88 20 16 200




Value Creation Capital

Aldebert Wiersinga, Managing Partner

+31 30 22 53 506