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Thinking small pays off in Europe... Europe's capital cities are generally the first port of call for potential investors, but companies that are more imaginative in their site selection can reap the benefits of the continent's thriving and creative second- and third-tier cities. 

Europe's capital cities do tend to hog the headlines. Granted, there are usually more  people in them, generating more stories, and it is where governments, politicians and news media mix it up in their bubble. But, for me, Europe is all about the second- and third-tier cities, where most of us come from, and where great things are happening that you seldom hear about.


 Small and medium-sized cities

Second-tier cities are important contributors to their respective national economies. They are clever, too, with analysis of European Patent Office figures showing that the top seven cities in Europe for patent applications are all second-tier cities. 

Foto_13.jpgThe small and medium-sized cities should not be ignored by companies looking for a great place to do business. They offer a more human scale, making it easier to get around and to meet the right people; they often have lower operating costs and a higher quality of life.

From the perspective of innovation and talented people, examples such as Eindhoven (Netherlands), Grenoble (France) and Cambridge (UK) are punching way above their size...

So, let's talk about Eindhoven.... I have created the whitepaper 'Eindhoven’s tech scene - at a glance' to help you navigate the exciting Tech ecosystem of Eindhoven and find the best ways to expand your business here.

Innovation hub in Europe

I have pinpointed tech hotspots and clusters, helping you work out whether to set up close to giants such as Philips, NXP, ASML, Shimano, Intel, IBM or Amazon, on the doorstep of potential investors and clients, or in one of the many buzzy accelerators, incubators and innovations hubs springing up across the city. 

The greatest business success

Header blog Tech Scene.jpgInside the document you will also find resources to help you spot opportunities and trends, secure staff and partners, pitch to investors and win new business. I wish you the greatest business success in this remarkable city. Eindhoven is known as a world-class high-tech region and the European Union’s front-runner.

We are famous for our unique Triple Helix cooperation model, ground-breaking innovation, and creativity. We take pride in the transformation that the city of Eindhoven underwent over the past decades.


From industrial to collaborative city

Foto_14-1.jpgFrom a rather industrial city, which was dominated by a few large manufacturing companies and therefore vulnerable to global shifts, it turned into a vibrant city of open innovation where technology is tested in the public sphere. The city of Eindhoven has become an engine of the Dutch economy and a guiding example for economic reform through close collaboration.

We cannot predict tomorrow’s changes today. We can, however, be adaptive, go off the beaten path, let ourselves be challenged, improvise, and experiment. Our high ambitions can be fulfilled in a much faster and better way through cooperation in flexible networks. In our region, we inherited the skill of cooperation. 

Together with our Eindhoven residents, we try to find the answers to shifts in the grand challenges of our time, such as an ageing society, health care innovations, sustainable energy, and smart mobility.

“ Through co-creation, design thinking, and open data, for example, we are unlocking our city’s innovative force required to answer future questions. “

I hope to meet you soon!