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On 10 July, the Workplace Vitality Hub, one of five innovation hubs at High Tech Campus, organized a round table titled “Vitality as an HR challenge.” More than 60 HR and Vitality managers from companies located on High Tech Campus and in the region came together to discuss this subject.

Researcher Frank Bauman of the Fontys Sports Academy welcomed everyone to the meeting and presented the first results of his investigation into inhibiting and supporting factors in vitality programs.

A first, cautious conclusion is that the impact of interventions greatly depends on the context. Where one organisation easily adopts vitality initiatives, another needs a different approach, often starting with the creation of bottom-up support.

Under the animated guidance of Eveline Kersten, the panel – consisting of Marjolein Janssen MSc (Philips), Peter Vossen (Ergon), Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven) and Mariëlle Volleberg-Verberne (imec) – shared their opinions on eight propositions.

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HR-Vitality community

At the end of the roundtable, we asked all participants what they would like to see happen in the regional HR and Vitality management community. A lively round of responses followed, ranging from sparring, exchanging experience on what works and what does not, sharing knowledge, inspiring each other by taking a look “behind the scenes” and participating in research.

The Workplace Vitality Hub is eager to implement this initiative, as it fits with the goal to share knowledge, making it available to HR and Vitality Managers in organizations with a focus on well-being.

We are currently developing an activity program consisting of both topical meetings and toolkits with practical knowledge that can immediately be implemented.

Learn more and join the HR & Vitality Community here

Invitation: The Step to a Healthier Workplace, set for 30 November

We are organizing our next event together with The Step (De Stap naar Gezonder) on 30 November: The Step to a Healthier Workplace.

The program of the day:

  • Introduction by honorary chair Roos Fleuren (DELA)
  • Host welcome remarks
  • Research results: the inhibiting and supporting factors in vitality programs. How do we deal with this in practice? Presented by Frank Bauman (Fontys Sporthogeschool).
  • Case: A practical approach on how to go about the topic of health and vitality, presented by Monique Boetzket (Arte)
  • Case: Vitality – from analysis to design, with the commitment of your employees, presented by Bas Habets (ONVZ)
  • Update: The Step to a Healthier Workplace (DE STAP naar gezonder op het werk): how do we connect? Presented by Marieke van Beurden (TU/e, Workplace Vitality Hub) and Colette de Vries (Program Director Precies!)
  • Work Walk
  • Open space, including a co-creative session on vitality in the workplace and a “get moving” toolbox
  • Closing and drinks

Register for the event.

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More about The Step to a Healthier Workplace

Employers play a crucial role in the vitality of their employees. That is why Eric van Schagen (CEO Simac) and Edzo Doeve (CEO DELA) took the initiative to investigate what companies, great and small, need to embed vitality in their own organizations. Last year, this led to “The Step to a Healthier Workplace” initiative. In addition to Simac and DELA, Ergon, the Catharina Hospital, the Fontys Academy and the Workplace Vitality Hub – among others – participate in this initiative.