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14 Hardware Startups Enter HighTechXL’s Fall 2016 Program

Nov 4, 2016 2:22:15 PM. By: High Tech Campus

SPORTS AND SENSORS: 14 Hardware Startups Enter HighTechXL’s Fall 2016 Program. “Come on, guys, we have only 6 minutes left and a room packed with people waiting for us.” interrupted Guus.

Some 15 people were gathered in the “war room” – the place where HighTechXL’s shareholders decide which startups get a thumbs-up for the next acceleration program and which go home.

It was 17:54 and it was time to sign off the finalists. It had been four tough days of preparation, pitching and one-on-one table discussions. 22 startups teams traveled from Poland, Italy, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Brazil, Germany, Azerbaijan, and Russia to Eindhoven to take part in our pre-selection event – Impact Finals.

Me and my colleague sat there with our PowerPoint presentation open: Agog with attention, sweaty palms, eyebrows locked together, absorbing the tension in the room, we were ready to remove the slides which read the names of the startup teams who had “tough luck”. “Let’s vote!” Guus concluded.

Five minutes later we all rushed into the Conference center where mentors, startups, and the rest of our team were patiently waiting. Guus picked the microphone, climbed on stage and, after a short thank you note, proclaimed “To us, you are all winners!”. He then started announcing the finalists:

  1. Crayonic, Slovakia, Trusted Digital Signature
  2. Dreamz, Poland,Virtual Reality solution for vision therapy
  3. Hugsy, The Netherlands, Comforting care for preterm babies
  4. KG Protech, Brazil, Next generation automotive training
  5. Oriense, Russia, Electronic guide for blind and visually impaired people
  6. Sentralia Labs, Romania, Personalized Women’s Healthcare
  7. Spinal, Azerbaijan, Form a habit of a good posture
  8. Sustonable, The Netherlands, Lightweight composite stone
  9. Uvisio, Germany, Skin cancer prevention
  10. Centaur, The Netherlands, Rein tension sensors
  11. BerkelBike, The Netherlands
  12. Ovao, Lithuania, Optical heart rate monitor for swimmers
  13. RowCoaching, The Netherlands, Real-time monitoring of rowing
  14. Uscoutfor, The Netherlands, Real-time video content

Read more about the brand new hard ware startups on hightechxl.com

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