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New round HighTechXL start on High Tech Campus

Nov 28, 2016 5:07:54 PM. By: High Tech Campus

Monday the new HighTechXL round was launched at High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Fourteen teams will speak with mentors and looking for investors for the next six months.

The 15 teams will work towards XL-Day, the finale of the program, where teams present their product or service to the public.

HighTechXL is an incubator for start-ups or teams who have the ambition to be a start-up. The teams of HighTechXL almost always have a background in high-tech hardware.

Mostly HighTechXL select only 10 teams that qualify. That there are now 15 teams, has to do with a changed structure of the program. There's more focus in the fields of Sport and Vitality. As a result, there are 5 teams selected in this field, which results in a larger number of participants. The coming years teams that are in Agro & Food and Industrial Equipment / Photonics will also be added.

Read the whole article in Dutch on e52.nl

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High Tech Campus
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