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Runway to technology - Eline van Uden

Nov 10, 2016 1:28:19 PM. By: High Tech Campus

Seemingly far from the runways of Milan and the pages of Vogue, Eline van Uden now finds herself in a stylish office in Eindhoven’s High Tech Campus.

After more than ten years as a venerated fashion model, Eline is now focusing her energies not only on beauty but on improving the lives of women around her as Product Marketing Manager for LifeSense Group’s Carin.

Beginning in 2015, LifeSense Group sought to combine design and technology to find a solution for the once taboo issue of urine loss. At Carin, they now design and market wearable technology for women. An idea originally developed to aid the elderly with incontinence, has found a new purpose in helping everyday women manage bladder control issues - all too common after having children. Their line of hi-tech, absorbent, and beautiful underwear allow women to monitor urine loss throughout the day. Fitted with a sensor and accompanied by an app and exercise plan, Carin empowers women to take control of their bodies and health without sacrificing style and comfort.At the junction between the Design Academy and the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, Carin is unique in its feminine composition and perspective.

In an office comprised mostly of women, Eline’s experience in the modeling industry and education in gender studies places her in an ideal position as a role model for young women in technology everywhere. After traveling the globe for many years, she feels at home working in what she calls the “international village” of Eindhoven. Here she finds that the ecosystem comprised of Brainport and the local government works well to help promote fledgling businesses and technologies. She appreciates that the Brainport Eindhoven area is distinctive in its composition for so many reasons. From her office on the High Tech Campus, Eline has a view of innovation at its best. From government initiatives to small start-ups, everything is represented and has the opportunity to collaborate and learn from one another. The exceptional design of the Brainport region fosters successful communication and cooperation between individuals and companies encouraging innovation and mutual promotion. In this at once cooperative and competitive environment, achievements and failures alike can be celebrated and mourned together in a community focused on building new technology for the future.

As a contributor to a small, but growing company, Eline feels the pressure to succeed and make technology usable and accessible to women. She asks, “What is the goal of technology? It is for the sake of humanity.” She feels fortunate to be working in the Brainport region where design and technology meet and facilitate collaboration between many entities to produce cutting edge, world-class research and products. Within this supportive and collaborative environment Eline feels the energy and excitement when working on a new project or hearing about the successes of neighboring start-ups.

Carin_High Tech Campus Eindhoven.jpg

Eline’s goal is to empower women through the use of technology. She sees the need for “a mentality switch on a global scale,” to encourage more access to and interest in technologies designed by and for women. In September 2016, her company launched a new line revolutionizing feminine products. Eve Undies are innovative, eco-friendly, hygienic underwear for use during menstruation. Using the successful designs and technologies incorporated in Carin, this line has a more targeted function without compromising beauty or security. As a woman in technology, Eline’s pride in her products is effusive and her desire to use her knowledge and position to better the lives of other women is clear. “We need more women in technology to make products like this,” says Eline.

While there are both benefits and challenges to being a woman in the tech field, Eline is able to successfully channel her composure and expertise into promoting new designs and products for women even when seated at a table full of men. She is able to see her uniqueness as an advantage allowing her to stand out and offer a fresh perspective. As a product of her work, Eline hopes that in the future “women will be more open to find technology not as your enemy, but as your companion.” To find out more about these innovative products, you can visit: www.carinwear.com and www.eveundies.com.

Source brainport.nl

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