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Start-up-update: Bambi Medical Aims For China

Dec 13, 2016 9:53:28 AM. By: High Tech Campus

Bambi Medical, a start-up coming out of the HighTechXL-accelerator, has collected 500.000 euro through a Leapfunder-campaign and took a trip to Shanghai to explore the Chinese market.

Founder Fabio Bambang Oetomo gives an update on how the start-up is making progress since we last spoke to them, shortly after HighTechXL’s grand finale: XL Day.

Bambi Medical is developing the Bambi-Belt, a strap that can be applied to babies in incubators. The strap measures physiological parameters like the heart rate and temperature of the baby. Now, those measurements are performed through electrodes, which are attached to the skin of the baby and have to be replaced on different occasions throughout the day. The strap can be worn all day, which reduces stress for the baby as well as its parents.

The main difference between Bambi Medical at XL Day and now is that the company has raised money to continue product development. This also means the start-up can start paying a salary to its team. Up to now, everyone in the team worked as a volunteer for the company.

By now, the team of Bambi exists out of six players, an expansion of the team is probable however, the search for a CTO as the seventh man on the team has already started.  “Before, all we could offer was to cover the expenses they made, now we can start to pay a salary”, Bambang Oetomo says.

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