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XL DAY 2016: What to remember

Oct 11, 2016 11:10:31 AM. By: High Tech Campus

“Doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoeg!” – A Dutch saying that translates into, "Act normal, that's crazy enough!”

Our CEO, Guus Frericks, quoted this saying during his opening speech at XL Day last month. He was referring with frustration to the fact that in his mind, the “Dutch Calvinistic mentality” makes people in the Netherlands loath to “stick out from the crowd”, even though they may truly deserve recognition.

“We are doing great things here in Eindhoven, and nobody knows about them, because we’re afraid to sing our own praises.”

The accomplishments of our own startups, alumni, and corporate programs are no exception. That’s why we created XL Day – a day to celebrate the serious innovation happening right under our noses in our own city. And we dubbed the first edition “Modern-Day Warriors of Change”.

“Why warriors?” you might ask. Let’s just say that this is our way of summarizing what is means to be an entrepreneur these days. Building a business is a constant struggle. Yet, it’s a brave thing to do. We believe that today’s entrepreneurs are the heroes of the 21st century. Not romantic figures with Utopian dreams, but fighters who persevere to make this world a better place.

XL DAY 2016: If You Had to Remember 5 Things…
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