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YaDo-VR: Next level 3D modeling, fast!

Sep 14, 2016 2:20:51 PM. By: High Tech Campus

The Campus grows!
After years of doing business in Silicon Valley, entrepreneur Anjo de Heus consciously left the Bay Area to explore new grounds and opportunities in the Startup Eindhoven community. Just a year after his arrival at High Tech Campus Eindhoven he already established three amazing companies. Anjo: “You could say I grew tired of the Valley atmosphere with too many fortune-seekers and blah blah blah. If you really want to accomplish something in tech, you need people with the right skills and common-sense and they are hard to find!”

YaDo-VR is one of his companies that draws the attention. It has developed an intelligent algorithm (patent pending) that brings 3D modeling to the next level. YaDo-VR uses LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data to build rich and comprehensive 3D objects, maps and even complete city models in hours (instead of months). Curious? Just take a look at the models of Brisbane, Melbourne and High Tech Campus Eindhoven

De Heus: “I am very happy to have found office space in Eindhoven at the ‘smartest square km of the Netherlands’. This is a place that attracts true technical talent. People that want to build new things instead of talking about them. It is no doubt the reason why High Tech Campus Eindhoven in growing so fast. The community provides a solid base to build on. And I play a modest role in bringing the technologies to the attention of the world. Let’s benefit from each other!”    

Detangling data points
The power of the YaDo-VR processing lies in the interpretation of the dense networks of data points. You can imagine that a city full of buildings brings millions and more data points to the table. Detangling this data-blur into the buildings and objects they represent is a complex task for a computer. YaDo’s algorithm performs the job with ease and high accuracy (5 to 10 cm.). Moreover, the technology stands out in the classification of the data. It can detect and visualize small objects like trees, surfaces and lampposts. This offers numerous advantages.

Full flexibility
De Heus: “Our technology provides excellent means for city planners, architects and construction companies, but also for game designers and virtual reality artists. With detailed and easy-to-navigate models they can virtually walk through the (to be build) environment and gain clear insights of the impact of new buildings, roads and other structures. Since it is 3D, they have full flexibility. They can virtually slide through buildings, add models of the soil and even filter out rooftops or facades. These are features that come in handy while planning new infrastructure, skyscrapers and things like smart public lighting systems.”

Full speed
“Another major advantage is our speed of modeling. For one of the largest ports in the world, for instance, we are currently putting our technology to work on the safeguarding of quays and embankments. These used to be inspected daily by navigating a boat alongside the entire infrastructure for visual inspection. We’re impeding the adverse results of weed and waste. We use LIDAR data from drones and continuously visualize the changes between inspection A and B. In this way the harbor has a fast and easy dynamic model at its disposal to accurately monitor the status of its infrastructure.”

Open to the world
“We want to establish a platform that is open to the world. Where professionals like architects, city planners, risk managers, game designers and virtual reality specialists deliver data that we turn into comprehensive, rich and easy to use 3D models. Call it a self-service environment. So a virtual tour of your museum, a dynamic model of a river flow; the possibilities are infinite. The ambition is also to use these data and modeling to create a better world.”

Do you want to read more about YaDo-VR?


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