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On Wednesday 29 November, High Tech Campus Eindhoven welcomed councillor Stijn Steenbakkers from the City of Eindhoven.  In a walk around the Campus, two development sites were visited: new construction project Lucis One (HTC 91) and the further development of building HTC 37. Steenbakkers (CDA) is councillor for Brainport, economy, education, KnoopXL and Eindhoven-Northwest. He champions the economy and Brainport, of which the area development of High Tech Campus Eindhoven is an important part.


"Together we strive to realise an attractive climate for innovative companies and technical talent to settle in the region."

Lucis One: designed with good employment practices in mind
High Tech Campus Eindhoven is expanding with Lucis; a new area on the south side of the Campus. The development of Lucis One, the first of a total of seven buildings to be developed, is in full swing. Lucis was designed with good employment practice in mind, which is increasingly about providing an attractive working environment - both inside and outside office walls. Companies want to establish themselves in a place that is attractive to their employees.

Councillor Stijn Steenbakkers (Economy, Brainport and Campuses): "It's fantastic that at the High Tech Campus we are continuing to build on the further growth and qualitative development of Eindhoven and the entire Brainport region. This is the heart of R&D and this smartest square kilometre is the innovative breeding ground of Brainport Eindhoven, the Netherlands and even Europe. To create an attractive business climate, to retain and attract innovative companies and technical talent, high-quality new buildings like Lucis One are essential. I am enormously looking forward to its completion next year."




Lucis is located at a high-profile location on the A2/N2/A67 motorway. Upon expected completion in autumn 2024, Lucis One will have 11 floors, making it the tallest building on the Campus at 45 metres. With a building size of 11,000 sq m and units to rent from around 500 sq m, companies will be able to customise the available workspace, from offices to electrical engineering labs.

Check out the website of Lucis One for more information or reach out to the team of High Tech Campus Eindhoven for more information: business.development@hightechcampus.com


Further development of HTC 37: introducing new concepts and innovation hubs
HTC 37 dates back to 1965, making it one of the oldest buildings the Campus. Since then, the building has been modernised. In 2023, this development will continue in various ways.




Jeroen Triepels, Sr. Director Operations at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, says: "recently, several photonics companies have moved into HTC 37 and the central reception has been completely renovated. In addition, innovation hub 3EALITY, the community for spatial web and immersive technologies, is working hard to set up an inspiring physical space. Furthermore, we are responding to the growing need for flexible workplaces; employers can make smart use of the space, depending on how many people want to meet in the office at certain times. Finally, from early next year, the building will be accessible via an impressive new glass entrance. These developments make HTC 37, heritage of Philips and pride of many, a splendid example of High Tech Campus Eindhoven as a continuously growing high-tech ecosystem."

Read the Dutch press release